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Our 2018 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide

Our 2018 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2018 Awesome Father’s

Day Gift Guide!

We live and breathe gear every single day, so we put together this guide for folks looking for new gear and for Father’s Day.  Better to get dad the gift that he wants and can actually use in the outdoor than another tie or pair of socks.  All of the gear are items that we have hand selected from trade shows and companies that we know and respect.  Into the list!!

Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

The Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener is a handy tool that every dad is going to want to have either in the bottom of his pack on the successful completion of a hunt, in the tackle box or on top of the tool box.  It sharpens and hones and fits easily in the pocket.  At $14.95, it is not going to break the bank anytime soon.  We like the angle guides which make this easy to use and we trust our good knives with it for quick touch ups.


Worksharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

Firebiner Survival Carabiner

This little jewel is cool enough to hang off your pack and starts a quick spark.  It weighs almost nothing (0.09 lbs) and clips onto your pack and can hang keys and small tools.  It will hold gear up but will not hold people and provides 10 tools and uses.  The firewheel, safety utility blade, a flathead screw driver, and bottle opener.  It starts fires quickly and the ferro rod is replaceable.  At $14.95 it is an easy purchase.

Outdoor Element


Outdoor Edge Razor-Pro

Dad’s like great knives and ones that can stay sharp when you really need it.  This double-blade knife has the patented Outdoor Edge replacement razor-blade on one side and the gutting blade that works like a zipper on the other.  The blade replacement is super fast at the push of a button and it keeps the entire knife safe for dad to use in the field.  The Razor-Pro comes with 6 extra blades and a rubbberized TPR handle and a camo sheath.  It comes in at $74.95 and will last years.

Order one from Outdoor Edge


Sheffield Tools Field Box


The Sheffield 12629 Field Box is a darn good box for storing and safely transporting ammo, gear and first aid gear which is what we use it for.  The Field Box is redesigned to better protect ammo, equipment, hunting and fishing gear, electronics, tools and more.  The base-to-lid interlocking system that makes it easier to stack and reduces tipping.  No worries about rolling around the back of the truck or trunk or getting beat up in the garage; it will take all of the abuse you can toss towards it.  Made in the U.S.A. and priced at $13.09.

Get these at our Amazon Affiliate Link!!  Sheffield Field Box

Sheffield Tools Field Box

Scope Setter

The Scope Setter is a bench-top tool to help you level your rifle scope to an actual true level on any picatinny rail mount for rifle shooting.  Where this is important is in long range shooting because a level scope really makes a difference in shot quality and better to set up your scope correctly the first time.  We found this tool almost by accident this year at SHOT show and after a little testing found it to be quick and easy to use and provided the kind of accuracy in set up we were looking for.  If dad’s a shooting nut, this is a tool that will save him time and let him know you appreciate his passion.

Check them out at Scope SetterScope Setter

Off Grid Tools Survival AXE

The Off Grid Tools Survival AXE is one of those tools you look at and think…Do I really need that?  We put ours in our truck and within 3 to four weeks we had used it several times: for pounding and pulling tent stakes, cutting kindling, hammering nails, cutting branches off a tree with the Sawzall blade, and opening a bottle.  It’s a heck of a lot more handy than a standard axe.  It’s the ultimate multi-tool and at under $50.00 it is a can’t-miss item for any father.

Get your Off Grid Survival Axe

Survival AXE

Motorola Lumo 400 Bluetooth Smart Lantern

The Motorola Lumo 400 is a Bluetooth Smart Lantern which connects readily to your cell phone via bluetooth.  The Motorola Lumo App is easily downloaded on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play store.  Perfect for camping!  What we really like about this lantern is that it can tell you the temperature, change colors, signal flash, signal SOS and the white light can be very very bright.  It does attract bugs in the white mode so you can play with it to find a color that does not attract as many bugs in your camp site.

Pick this up from our Amazon Affiliate Link and support our site.

Motorola Lumo 400

Troika Outdoors Hammock

The Troika Outdoors Hammock is a 3 point hammock providing a little more support at the head and it is well built and solid.  The straps are Rhino Straps and made in America.  The hammock requires 3 points to set the Troika up.  It can act as a table in camp, works well as a hammock, perfect for resting and light weight for packing.  What I like about the Troika is that it provides more support for my back than a traditional hammock. The rings and the quality are exceptional and the pricing is fantastic.

Check them out at Troika Outdoors.

Troika Outdoors

Otter Box Elevation 10 Tumbler

The Otter Box Elevation 10 is a new addition to the Otter Box Tumber lineup.  It is a compact tumbler made for a cocktail or a quick cup of coffee.  The Elevation 10 is 100% stainless steel so it will basically withstand just about anything you could possible throw at it.  It is sweat-resistant and backed by the Otterbox limited lifetime warranty.  I like a strong Double Espresso Macchiato which I make at home and on the road and this cup fits the whole drink perfectly.  It keeps it warm on my desk while I work or in the field while we scout.

Check out the Elevation 10 at Otter Box.

OtterBox Elevation 10 Tumbler

The Motorola Solutions Talkabout t265 Sportsman Edition Two-way Radios

The Motorola Talkabout T265 radios are a complete package all in one set up with two radios, two belt clips, a dual charging plug, two NiMH batteries, a carry case and two earpieces with boom microphones.  The range in optimal conditions from mountain to valleys is 25 mph, along open water the range is about 6 miles and in a neighborhood the range is about 2 miles.  These are great for camping with the kids.  Most really love the voice-on-command and hands-free options with the boom microphones.  What we like is that the entire kit comes as one package.

Check these out at Motorola Solutions.  And buy them at our Amazon Affiliate Link Motorola T265.

Motorola Solutions T265

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile

The Cauldryn Frye Mobile is a battery operated water boiler that will allow you to keep your drinks at hot, extra hot, boiling, brewing and even cold.  The Frye heating element and mobile battery will heat liquid to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  The unit can perform one full boil or keep your drink hot all day.  The unit will also charge your mobile battery and comes with a wireless A/C base and charging cable.  This is perfect for road trips where you want to stop and brew your own coffee or tea.  It will charge two usb devices at a time.  It’s pretty nice to have at the office as well to keep your drink warm while you are working on important deadlines like this article.

Check these out at

Cauldryn Mobile

Decorative Decoy Carver’s Book

Waterfowl Carvers are really passionate about carving and most all of them have been influenced by Bruce Burk.  Burk was a legend in the waterfowl carving field. The International Wildfowl Carvers Association said of him, “I never knew a person who did more for wildfowl carving than Bruce Burk.” A revised edition of his quintessential book Decorative Decoy Carver’s Ultimate Painting & Pattern Portfolio, Revised Edition has just been released.  Here, carvers will be expertly guided through Burk’s classic portfolio of detailed color patterns and finishing tips and techniques. For carvers who have difficulty making their own drawings, or have limited access to live or mounted birds, this book is a priceless tool in creating award-winning decoys. Plus, what better way to learn about wildfowl carving than from the man who inspired so many to get started in this field.

Buy it here

Decorative Decoy Carver's Book

American Flag Rumpl Blanket

American Flag Throw Blanket- Because MERICA and cold is not fun.
The Down Puffy Throw Blanket is perfect for long travel days, backpacking, or whenever saving space is a priority. The blankets are made with 20D ripstop nylon on the back and printed polyester fronts with DWR treatments on both sides. The insulation is 3D Hollow Fiber Synthetic Insulation. The Blankets weighs 2.1 lbs. and include a stuff sack that is conveniently easy to stuff, even for kids.

Tapplock One Fingerprint Lock

From 0.8 seconds to freedom is the catch line for the Tapplock One Fingerprint Lock.  It really works and we tested this out.  One lock can store up to 500 fingerprints but it works with just one as well.  We tested with just two fingerprints and it allowed both of us to get into our gun case quickly and efficiently.  The lock also works with Bluetooth access and allows unlimited users.  You can set permanent access or limited access with flexible dates and times, and feel free to revoke access whenever you want. Track and monitor access history with time and location from the Tapplock app.  The lock is exceptional for the right reasons and they offer a Father’s Day discount.   I am not sure I would have this on my bike lock but for the gate to the hunting club and the lock on my gun case it is a SOLID YES!!

Buy you Tapplock Direct!

Tapplock Smart Lock

Survival Bracelet™ – Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter

The Survival Straps Bracelet™ with Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter has a black nylon side release buckle with a loud signal whistle and fire starter as the closure.  The strap is easy to use and creates quick sparks and a has a whistle to alert others you need help.  This is a great little Survival Bracelet strong and useful.  There are many many options from the team at Survival Straps and we have tested quite a few of them over the years and we find this one of the best companies for paracord tools and bracelets.

Order your Survival Strap Here!!

OTIS Mission Critical MC-10 Cleaner and Lubricant

We ran across MC-10 at SHOT show this year and brought a sample home.  Nothing about this cleaner and lubricant is like anything we have used in the past.  The protection covers temperatures from -65 to 650 degrees.  The cleaner wipes away debris and the lubricant protects it.  The system includes a 1 fl. oz. spray bottle of MC-10 Lubricant, 1 fl. oz. spray bottle of MC-10 Cleaner, microfiber cloth and protective metal case.  If dad loves his guns as much as we do this is the cleaner and lubricant he is going to want to use on each and every one of them.  A clean firearm is a happy firearm and a happy firearm makes dad happy or something like that.  Either way, dad’s going to smile when he sees this gift because he knows you really listen to him when he says it is important to have a clean firearm.

Order from OTIS DIRECT

Otis Mission Critical MC-10

Case Knives Buffalo Horn Pheasant Hunter with Leather Sheath and Gift Tin

We were actually given this exact knife as a gift and have bought two as gifts for others just this year.  This knife is made with Buffalo Horn and comes with a really great leather sheath in a gift tin that compliments the entire package.  Many folks collect Case Knives.  Personally this knife is one that I am going to actually use in the field on a regular basis and I will have it with me and attached to our upland vest.  If dad is an upland hunter this great knife from Case is going to make him smile.

Check this knife out directly at Case Knives.

Case Pheasnt Knife




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