The HuntingLife Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the golden age of being a dad. It really does not get any better, and picking a great gift for your father has never been easier.

Wiley X Detection Shooting Kit

Wiley X has long been known for making high quality sunglasses for the military and shooting market, and this year is no exception. The Detection Interchangeable Shooting Kit offers a 5 lens kit to help with skeet, trap and sporting clays shooters. The lens kit offers a revolutionary set of lenses for different lights. Clear for indoor ranges, Yellowfins for low-light conditions, orange to sharpen contrast and brighten targets, purple for shooting in heavy green and forested areas and copper for visual definition that allows orange targets to truly pop. The lenses are interchangeable and easy to use. They come in a protection case with a lens wipe and lens cleaning solution. These are top notch glasses that meet the standards for shooting protection and clarity that you would expect from a company like Wiley X.

Wiley X Detection Shooting Kit

Boone and Crockett Whiskey

The Boone and Crockett Club was founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt as the first organization to address the decline of wildlife populations, especially game species, on a national scale. In 2019, they have partnered with Prestige Imports to introduce the Boone and Crockett Whiskey to thirsty hunter-conservationists around the country. We tried the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and found it to be smooth and worthy of the name Boone and Crockett. Buy dad a bottle and watch his smile grow wide as he enjoys a glass of this quality bourbon. Check it out at

Tapplock One+

Tapplock has created a 21st century lock that offers 7mm reinforced shackles made of stainless steel with anti-shim and anti-pick technologies and a fingerprint padlock. The locks work in a temperature range of -4F to 156F. In addition to opening the lock with your fingerprint, you can manage the lock by way of a bluetooth app and Morse code. The lock stores up to 500 fingerprints, the battery holds a charge for a year and it can be charged in 2 hours. It’s the perfect lock for the gate at the hunt club or the beer cooler at hunting camp. Check them out at

Kestrel Drop

The Kestrel Drop is a wireless environmental data logger. It pairs perfectly with the Kestrel LiNK app using bluetooth technology and tracks temperature, relative humidity, heat stress index, dew point, station pressure, density altitude and pressure trend. We found it handy to drop into the carcass of the deer hanging on the meat pole, as well as at our spring picnic when we dropped it into the YETI cooler and took friendly bets on the temperatures in the beer cooler. There is no limit to where this will come in handy. Check these out at

Allen Gear Fit PURSUIT™ Shocker™ Turkey Case

We picked up the Allen Shocker Turkey Case this year just after SHOT show to test out. If your dad is a turkey hunter, this is the best shotgun case we have seen for turkey hunting. Every detail of this case has been well thought out from the turkey call holders and shell holders to the striker pockets and the turkey measuring tape built in with velcro. The case measures 52 inches which fits most turkey hunting shotguns. In addition to the case, we also tested the Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack, the Shocker Turkey Neck Gaiter, the Shocker Turkey Gloves and the Shocker Hypa-Lite Sling. We felt all were helpful additions to our turkey hunting gear. The Cut-N-Run Turkey Pack in particular is quickly becoming a favorite – it holds our binoculars and the lack of zippers on the pack makes for quiet access. Check them all out at

ROKA Commuter Pack

Whether your dad is a gym rat, a road warrior, or a travel junkie, odds are he might like a stylish pack to carry his gear. That’s where ROKA comes in. What we like about this pack is the 30 liters of capacity which is room for just about anything you can throw at it. The pockets on this pack keep everything organized, yet it still has room to dump a ton of gear into the main compartment. We appreciate the water resistant wet/dry bag built into the bag to handle wet or dirty gear that you want separate from all of your other gear. The orange interior allows us to quickly see all our gear and the microfiber soft interior is perfect for holding laptops or tablets. There is a sunglasses pocket which will work perfect to hold dad’s shades and provides easy access to his cell phone. Check out these great packs at

ROKA Commuter Pack

Coast HP7 Flashlight

The Coast HP7 Flashlight is an outstanding flashlight with a lifetime warranty that is built to handle just about anything you can throw at it with a price point under $40.00. The HP7 requires 4 AAA batteries and runs from 410 Lumens to 60 lumens on low. The beam is adjustable from flood to spot and it weighs in at 7.2 oz. The handle is smooth, and you can lock in the beam size quickly and easily. There is a rechargeable version, the HP7R, and for the money this light will keep dad happy. Check them out at Coast.

Sitka Globetrotter Shirt

Not sure what hunting gear the father in your life needs? Give him a Globetrotter Shirt from SITKA Gear. The Globetrotter Shirt is the ultimate travel shirt for venturing from airport to taxi to boat and back. With ten sharp colorways to choose from and Polygiene to keep the odor down, this will be a well-worn warm weather staple for the intrepid traveler and adventurous dad. This shirt features excellent wicking, quick dry, wrinkle resistance and UPF30+ protection. Check these out at

Sitka Gear Globetrotter Shirt
Sitka Gear Globetrotter Shirt


We saw these at SHOT Show this year and jumped on the chance to get a few of these. Over the last several months we have broken apart several shotguns and rifles, cleaned them and wiped down these mats. The Tekmat allows you to protect your gun and your workspace and the printed details on the mat actually helped us understand our Remington 870. We especially like the Ultra Premium oversized rifle and shotgun mats. Check these out at


Bushcraft Illustrated

Books that are fun to read are a great gift for dad, and books that teach are always welcome. Some dads are also bathroom readers and this book is easily digested in short sections and topics. Bushcraft Illustrated – A Visual Guide by Dave Canterbury covers a tremendous number of tips to keep you safe, fed and comfortable in the outdoors. All dads can use a refresher on bushcraft and Dave Canterbury certainly is one of the leading experts in bushcraft. This book is good enough that it might just get passed down from generation to generation. Pick up a copy at or pick up a copy at

Revision Pursuer Sunglasses

We were super excited to be selected to test these glasses. Revision has long made purpose-built sunglasses for the military, and when we heard that they were making glasses for the pursuit of outdoor passion we got pretty excited. The Revision Pursuer glasses are designed for high mountain hunting. Revision Outdoor has also built the Caller for hunting and fishing around water and the Seeker for pursuits in the outdoors like biking, hiking and hunting. We are enjoying the clarity and quality of the Pursuer Sunglasses, and the fit keeps the wind out of the eyes and allows us to keep these glasses on all day long. These glasses are polarized and meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard for clarity and impact resistance, making them safe to wear on the range. We chose the Wooded Bluff with the Crimson lenses and we are enjoying a whole new visual when we are out in the mountains. Check these out at

Revision Pursuer Sunglasses

Hidden War by Lt. John Nores, Jr. (RET.)

This book by Lt. John Nores, Jr. is fascinating. It focuses on the California Department of Fish and Game and how they put together a team of officers to combat the drug trade on public lands while protecting hunters on those same public lands. Illegal drugs growing on public land affect our wildlife, and the toxicity of these illegal grows create waste sites that need to be cleaned up. This book shares the sobering reality of the situation in California regarding how illegal drugs are hurting our wildlife and our public lands and what we can do about it. This book is filled with great stories and lots of action. Order it off Amazon.

Stegmann Men’s Original Clog

Some men don’t like to walk around the house without shoes and some moms don’t want dads walking around the house in field shoes. Enter the Stegmann Original 108 Clogs. I had never worn clogs until I got the opportunity to test out the Stegmann Clogs, and boy are these things comfortable. They allow my feet to breath after a long day of work or hiking around the hills and can be worn with or without socks. The felt holds up strong, and the cork soles keep feet happy and toes protected from stubborn table legs. I wear the clogs around the house and around the hunting lodge, but some folks take these outdoors and wear them everywhere. Ultimately it is up to dad, but these are well worth investing in. Check them out at

Stegmann Original Clogs

Upland Gear Quail and Dove Caddy

Upland hunting requires a lot of walking and having a quality belt system like the Upland Gear Quail and Dove Caddy comes in pretty handy. This comes as a complete set with pockets for shells, water bottle holders and a caddy for your birds – all integrated into a system that is easy to use and comes in three colors. We like the tan and we especially like the water bottles. Dad can stay hydrated, and the extra water bottle keeps the pup hydrated. Check these out at

Exotac ripSPOOL

We have long been fans of Exotac survival tools. The Exotac ripSPOOL teamed up with the team at BATTLBOX to create this great tool. Danial and Rob created something that every hiker, camper and hunter will want to carry in their pack. I remember being on a hunt where my pants ripped. Not just ripped, but they basically shredded down the seam. I needed to sew them up, but when I got back to camp we didn’t have thread. Instead we had duct tape, so I taped up my pants and hunted three more days. I obviously would have preferred the ripSPOOL. The ripSPOOL comes with thread, a needle, duct tape and a tinderZIP that is easy to light in a survival situation. This tool is the perfect field repair kit, and it’s light enough you will want to carry it in your pack. At $29.95 this is a winner. Order one at and tell them HuntingLife sent you.

Exotac ripSPOOL

Wildlife 911 – On Patrol with John Borkovich

I met John Borkovich at a round table on poaching at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, and I picked up his book and devoured it. John has served 27 years as a wildlife conservation officer for Michigan and has worked in a myriad of cases across the state. This is a fascinating book written by an award winning officer provides tremendous insight into what it takes to protect wildlife. Order this book; dad is going to love reading these stories.

Wildlife 911


Dad’s gear can get funky sometimes especially sleeping bags, down jackets and pillows. Grangers Down Care Kit includes dryer balls, removes odor, adds water repellency and helps keep down warm and dry. This complete kit helps to keep everything in tip top shape and ready for use. At under $20.00, this is a gift that will help keep dad’s gear clean and free from funk. Order it from Amazon – they have the best price, and we make a very small commission.

Grangers Down Care Kit

HydraPak Velocity IT 1.5 Liter Insulated Hydration Reservoir

The good news about the Velocity Insulated Reservoir is that it works year round. If it is super cold this reservoir keeps everything from freezing. In the summer, it keeps everything icy cold no matter how hot it gets. HydraPak has made top-notch hydration bladders for many years, and they offer an amazing lifetime guarantee. The IsoBound prevents condensation which makes this unit one of the best that we have ever tested. Buy this one direct from HydraPak.

Helinox Swivel Chair

Camping or hunting out of a blind requires you to sit at some point and, let’s be honest, for many dads sitting on the ground is overrated. We jumped at the chance to test out the Helinox Swivel Chair. This chair is the perfect height for hunting out of the blind, and the light weight makes it a breeze to pack in and out. The compact size makes this chair easy to throw in your pack and just get off the grid. We took the Helinox Swivel Chair out on a turkey hunt and appreciated the ability to swivel around. At under 3 lbs., this chair is super easy to put together, quite comfortable to sit in and makes it a chair we are excited to pack in. Check out this chair and all of the great gear from Helinox.

Helinox Swivel Chair

Maven C.1 Binoculars

There is a time for big, juicy, bold and perfectly clear binoculars and there is a time for compact, awesome easy clear binoculars. We got a set of the Maven C.1 Binoculars on loan for the turkey season, and the binoculars absolutely impressed me. Field and Stream named these one of the “10 Best Binoculars of the Year” and we can clearly see why. We tested the 10×42 and the lightweight 24.5 oz. size blew us away. We beat these up, washed them off and they just kept ticking along as clear as the day we got them. We like the neckstrap and the double-layered microfiber storage bag. Maven is one of the most underrated companies in the outdoor market; these binoculars are outstanding.

Maven C.1 10×42 Binoculars

Venture Wipes

I picked up a bag of these Adventure Wipes and boy am I glad I did. The Big Bag contains 25 individually wrapped 12 by 12 inch wipes that are basically the equivalent of big boy and big girl wet wipes. What I like about these is that they are free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates and they are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They are basically good for anyone, and under $25.00 for 25 large, sturdy wipes, getting a Big Bag of these for dad’s truck is a great idea. Check these out at

Venture Wipes

Build A Custom 10/22® Step By Step

Every dad needs a hobby, and there is no hobby more fun than that of building a custom rifle. And none easier to build than the Ruger 10/22. Amilcar Hernandez has written the a great book on modifying, upgrading, customizing and building your dream tack driving rifle. This book is filled with hundreds of photos and step-by-step guides to help you understand each of the steps. The photos and instructions are backed by over 45 years of experience to help dad build his own rifle to shooting perfection. Order the book off Amazon and check out his website at