Advanced Ballistics Concepts – Makers of the Mi-Bullet Expands The Green Bullet Project

Advanced Ballistics Concepts – Makers of the Mi-Bullet Expands The Green Bullet Project


WHY:  It is the stated goal of the U.S. government + some state governments to greatly reduce/eliminate in the coming years the use of lead in most industries (the ammunition industry being one of them). With the ever-growing list of EPA guidelines and the growing costs of compliance, many believe the governments will eventually force some major changes. With the narrow margins on ammunition, the shooting industry will have no choice but to raise pricing to cover the additional costs of working with lead (the short term), or transitioning into expensive high-end lead-free products.  Simply put, an inexpensive LEAD-FREE bullet solution is needed!

ABC’s – Green Lead™ bullets are the perfect solution. They not only solve the environmental issue, the new Economy Lines addressed the concern of affordable pricing.”  Todd Kuchman (CO-FOUNDER)

“Affordable LEAD FREE Ammo” 

Denver, CO January – 2015 – Anticipating the ammunition industry would be pressured to develop alternatives to LEAD. Advanced Ballistic Concepts LLC (ABC) has spent 3+ years on its Green Bullet Project™ their efforts have perfected two distinct solutions (Zuerillium Alloy™ (Ball Ammo) & Copper-Core™ (Frangible Rounds) to replace LEAD on a major scale.  Each of the Non-toxic materials are being marketed under its proprietary “GREEN LEAD™” branding.

The focus of this announcement is the value priced ball rounds made of Zuerillium Alloy™ (a new Zinc biased Alloy) it was specifically engineered for a die-casting process that is highly cost-effectively in large volumes.  In its most cost-effective embodiment (Economy Line) it is engineered for general-purpose use; particularly Practice Rounds/Plinking and even Home_Defense.  ABC believes the end users will transition quickly to this type of LEAD_FREE round because it has a similar look and feel to lead with the added benefits of increased penetration and reduced recoil to help improve accuracy.  This new material delivers quality performance at a fraction of the price of competing conventional Lead-Free options.

 For example, a (100% Lead Free / 100% Non Toxic / 100% Recyclable bullet) made of Zuerillium Alloy™ 9mm (Projectile) for the reload market, is listed at retail (in a 100PK) M.S.R.P. at $0.19/bullet and the Wholesale price is $0.135. This is less than 1Ž2 the price of conventional LEAD-FREE alternative ball rounds (i.e. pure copper).

The Green Bullet Project team has more than 50 years of precision parts molding & manufacturing experience.  The new blend of metals called Zuerillium Alloy™ or Green Lead™ has a blend of zinc, copper and other alloys (similar to the US penny) along with a propriety heat treating process to ensure all the necessary performance criteria to be “gun barrel friendly” while delivering unmatched performance.

My team knew that if the replacement rounds costs too much; we would not have a real solution for the range owners and end users.” Todd Kuchman(CO-FOUNDER)

ABC is offering its GREEN BULLETS in most popular small arms cartridges. There are 2 distinct categories: Training &Personal Defense and Tactical Elite, each optimized for use by the company’s primary target markets: shooting ranges, personal gun owners, military/police. By offering the two variants, ABC will address the specific needs of shooters around the world that want or need to shoot LEAD FREE ammunition.

On January 19, 2015 the company will begin selling the full line of Zuerillium Alloy™ handgun rounds (Projectiles & Complete Rounds) to distributors and re-sellers. Wholesalers, Retailers, OEM Organizations interested in working with ABC can contact the company at (1-855-339-5437) or by visiting the company’s website at

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