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Alpen Apex 10×42 Binoculars


Alpen Optics

M1460005.JPGWith deer season no more than a few months away, pre-season scouting is right around the corner. During these summer months, the ideal scouting position is from a distance, thus minimizing the chances of completely spooking your game or altering their habits. To successfully scout from a distance, it is an absolute necessity to have high quality optics. That’s where our friends at Alpen Optics can help.

Alpen has a long line of superior spotting scopes and binoculars. I am a strong advocate of the Alpen Apex 10×42 binoculars. Coated with sleek green rubber armoring, Apex binoculars are waterproof, lightweight (22oz), extremely durable and easy to grip in even the slickest conditions. Crystal clear views come standard with all Alpen optics, but what I especially like about the Apex model is that you get optical clarity from the center of view to the very outer edges; no soft blurs whatsoever. Focusing the lenses is effortless; the tight focusing wheel design allows you to change from long distance focus to close up (as close as 5ft) in one smooth motion of a finger. On top of that, twist lock eyecups provide an extra way to perfectly fit the binoculars to your specific frame.

Alpen Apex Features:

• BAK4 glass for clear, bright, high resolution images
• Fully multi-coated for maximum brightness
• PXA phase coating for superior resolution and color fidelity
• HR metallic prism coating for enhanced light transmission and brightness
• Waterproof, sealed and nitrogen filled
• Pull up, twist lock eyecups
• Super close focus
• Lightweight, ergonomic styling, roof prism design
• Rubber armoring for comfort, protection and durability
• Soft rubber rain guard
• Deluxe travel case and wide comfortable neck strap
• ALPEN’s lifetime warranty

M1580015.JPGIn the field, these binoculars truly gained my respect. Like most hunters, I can be pretty hard on my equipment. One day while turkey hunting, I was jogging through the woods to get into position and soon found myself face first in the dirt. Unfortunately, my binoculars took the full force of my fall, digging into my chest and giving me the terrible feeling that they were completely done for. Yet as I looked up and saw I was in a good position to glass the field, I picked up my binoculars and realized they were perfectly fine. That day I learned these binoculars were, as advertised, tough! I wiped the dirt from them and continued with my hunt. On a separate occasion, while hunting on a cold snowy Ohio day, I proceeded to drop my binoculars into the soft snow. They sunk down enough to cover the lenses, but between the waterproof and dustproof design and the rubber lens covers, the internal pieces were completely protected from the snow. Needless to say, I have put Alpen’s optics to the test, and they performed very well even under the harshest conditions Ohio has to offer.

Overall, the phase-coated prisms, BAK4 fully multi-coated glass, twist-up eyecups and exceptional low-light performance make the Apex a great investment. If you are on the market for new binoculars, look for these green and black extra sleek binoculars from Alpen Optics. All Alpen products are backed by a lifetime warrenty.

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Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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