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Iron Will Broadheads – It all started with family for Bill Vanderheyden, our Co-Founder and Lead Engineer. His grandfather and father had long been telling of the adventure to be found from within the Wisconsin woodland. Many deer and intriguing stories had come home from those adventures. Then, at age fifteen, he stepped into the chronicles by taking his first buck and was forever hooked. We watch the morning sky’s eastern light erase the nighttime stars. We earnestly listen for the deep bass of dead branches cracking on the forest floor. Our hearts accelerate and smile from the pungent odor of our nearby quarry. Our off-season is spent reminiscing about past hunts, refining our skills for next season, and anticipating the trophies to come. Our passion for becoming better hunters drove us to engineer the ideal broadhead, a premium broadhead as reliable as science allows. 

AccuBow – I’m 26 years old and I have been shooting a bow since I was ten years old, and bowhunting since I was thirteen years old. While I’m an engineer by trade, my true passions lie in archery, bowhunting, and being in the outdoors. I’m sure we can all relate to not having enough time to pursue the hobbies we are truly passionate about. I could never seem to find enough time to make it to the archery range as much as I would have liked to. However, I knew that in order to improve my archery and bowhunting abilities, practice was necessary! One day, I thought, “If only there was a way I could practice from anywhere without having to fire and retrieve arrow upon arrow.” And so, the idea of the AccuBow was born!

Excalibur Crossbow – At Excalibur, we aren’t big business cashing in on crossbow hunting; we’re crossbow hunters who build crossbows. Our first priority is not to produce a lot of cheap bows with Star Wars styling but to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbow that money can buy. Our ideas don’t come from engineers; they come from experience. Nothing leaves our drawing board without being subject to extensive testing by the toughest, most uncompromising product evaluators in the deer woods – us! With Excalibur, accuracy is more than just a word; it’s a guarantee. We guarantee that each and every bow we produce is capable of shooting groups of 3″ or less at 25 yards using broadheads. Target arrows? Better shoot one per target or you’ll be buying more!


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