WTR Slash | Arrows

Slash Arrows – With a SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrow, the 60-grain broadhead with the EXP and the 75-grain broadhead with the MAG, the tip of the arrow enters first, cutting a leading path of destruction. A few inches behind, once the arrow shaft enters, two expandable INsetBlade® Deployable Blades deploy. The INsetBlade® Deployable Blades are aligned so that new tissue is being cut. The total amount of cutting is far greater than any other broadhead and arrow system. 

Plano Synergy – We believe outdoor experiences build character, inspire action, and enrich lives. We believe growth happens when you actively explore opportunities and take on new challenges. We believe discovering and meeting the needs of our consumers, customers, and colleagues is the only way to lead the industry. We believe that fear of failure is the surest way to find it. We believe in a base camp mentality where our best is achieved by encouraging and pushing each other to accomplish our mission. 

Ameristep – Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. That’s what Ameristep® has been giving hunters for over twenty years ground blinds and accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above and down below. Ameristep is proud to be an innovator in the industry, continually seeking new solutions to help hunters disappear. That disappearing act is only part of the story though. Versatile mobility in all our product designs lets you choose the location that’s right, not the location that’s convenient. Once you’re there, simplified assemblies mean you can set up quickly and capitalize on the moment. Additional key features eliminate elements like scent, noise, and reflection to make sure you stay hidden. You’ll have the element of surprise locked in as long as you’re in an Ameristep blind.


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