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RACKOLOGY produces the highest quality, premium deer nutritional products on the market, period! RACKOLOGY products are scientifically researched and formulated by an actual biologist and agronomist with extensive deer and wildlife research, not just some re-packaged livestock products like many companies on the market. What a combination! RACKOLOGY not only has the BEST deer pro products on the market, but they eliminate the expense and confusion of which products to purchase, saving you time and money.  

RACKOLOGY is an actual scientifically formulated deer supplement/attractant. With a Master’s in Biology and my partner having a Master’s in Agronomy, years of research experience, and extensive deer and wildlife knowledge, we have finally come up with a product that is truly an all-in-one deer supplement and attractant. While we could profit a great deal more by separating these components into numerous products like other companies have done, we are proud to offer a product with an awesome price that will save you time and money. We can even custom-blend on orders to match your location needs depending on your supplemental requirements. It is also available in pellets. No more debating on which attractant to use and which supplement to use. We have it all in one bag – RACKOLOGY!  

Formulated with a proprietary blend/specific ratios of chelated vitamins, minerals, protein, and other ingredients that aid in stress relief and aid wild ruminant gut microbes, promote healthy digestive system, decreases bad microbes, and significantly increases absorption of nutrients as well, RACKOLOGY will produce a significant increase in your overall deer herd health. Most products on the market do not contain chelated nutrients, nor do they have them at the correct ratios, and the correct complementary nutrients required to achieve their maximum absorption and effectiveness. In essence, you would have to put out many more times the amount of other products as you would RACKOLOGY. Why choose RACKOLOGY for your deer herd? The question is how can you afford not to? We were tired of sorting through all the different overpriced products on the market trying to find the best attractant, the best mineral, the best vitamins and protein in order to provide us with everything we were looking for. Voila! RACKOLOGY was born! Everything deer need in one bag.


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