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Arcus Tink’s
Established in 1972, Tink’s® has been the number one brand and number one performing line in deer scents and lures. Trusted by generations of hunters for nearly 50 years, Tink’s® lures meet the needs of every phase of the hunt along with a broad variety of dispenser options.

Tink’s® natural whitetail lures are certified CWD-free, extensively tested for effectiveness, and simple to use. Whether you’re hunting trophy whitetails, black bears, big bull elk, monster moose, pigs or predators, we have a product to help you succeed. Proven innovation. Proven results.

Pradco –
Before the perfect shot, there was Summit to make it possible. Before that, there was Code Blue® and Knight & Hale to bring them in. Even before that, there was Moultrie® to monitor and manage the herd. PRADCO hunting brands are the products hunters rely on to fill their tags.

Our Moultrie game management products feature the feeders and game cameras that are so necessary for a successful season. For retailers, Moultrie brings hunters in during the off-season for year-round sales. The proven technology behind Code Blue means our products will attract sales like no other scent product line can.

Wildlife Research Center –
In the late 1950s, two young brothers John and Brian were paid a bounty of $0.10 by their father for every mouse they caught near the outside of their house. The brothers first tried cheese as bait since mice in cartoons always loved cheese. The results from cheese weren’t as good as expected. Then experiments began with different baits on the mouse traps. The goal was not just to find a bait that worked better than cheese, but to find a bait that the mice really went for and would attract every mouse that went near it. From these humble beginnings, the spark was kindled and the earliest foundations were laid for what was later to become America’s Top Brand®.

In the 1960s, the family moved to a more remote location with many animals around. Always eager to improve on their success, the brothers soon began to think about the different scents that different animals reacted to. Whenever they would see anything written about scents attracting animals, they would really dig into it. From there, it was just a short step to conducting experiments in hopes of learning how to improve upon what was available to hunters at the time. After years of hunting trips, hobby experimentations, and lots of trial and error, the brothers, with help from their dad, hit on an irresistible formula that attracted deer like nothing they’d ever seen before – Trail’s End® #307®.


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