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Pro-Tracker –
Pro-Tracker® is a bowhunting radio frequency tracking system. The carrier screws onto your arrow shaft and the transmitter sits in the carrier. When the arrow connects with the target, the transmitter detaches itself from the carrier and attaches itself to the animal’s hide. This allows the arrow to pass all the way through the animal for ethical shots. The transmitter then emits a specific radio frequency which can be picked up from up to two miles away. The Pro-tracker® Receiver then tracks that radio frequency and allows you to track how close you are to the transmitter for the recovery of all wounded game.

The Habitat Podcast –
The Habitat Podcast is a podcast for land and wildlife habitat managers and for hunters who learn and utilize different types of habitat in their hunting strategy. We interview hunters and habitat managers from across the country, picking their brain to learn their successes and failures. We are different in the fact that we are not the experts. This podcast is for us, and the listeners to learn a thing or two from the experts we analyze.

To produce better deer, hunters need reliable information. This information generally comes from research. QDMA helps design, coordinate, and fund practical research projects that increase hunter knowledge. Since 2005, QDMA has contributed more than $500,000 to support important research projects in over twenty states. 

Since its earliest days, QDMA has been a recognized leader in educating hunters and the general public on all aspects of whitetail biology, management, and habitat improvement. However, the types of information desired by these groups as well as the tools available to deliver this information constantly change, and QDMA is keeping pace. QDMA continues with existing educational activities such as seminars, field days, and Quality Whitetails magazine, but delivery methods also include television, DVDs, and w-based opportunities. QDMA’s educational materials include printed books, electronic books, classroom curriculums, posters, DVDs, apps, online courses, internships, and more. 

Each year there are countless threats to the future of deer hunting and management at the local, state, and national levels. Due to QDMA’s growth and strong support from the professional wildlife community, it is considered the most respected and influential whitetail organization in North America. As a result, QDMA serves as the leading advocate for the wise management of deer and the protection of our deer-hunting heritage. QDMA also maintains strong ties with its members, other conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and other groups with an interest in deer hunting. Since 2006, QDMA has engaged on nearly 800 state, federal, and provincial management and policy issues impacting wildlife, habitat, and our hunting heritage. 

The Deer Steward program is QDMA’s personal educational experience designed to offer hunters and wildlife professionals an opportunity to gain advanced knowledge of Quality Deer Management directly from the nation’s top experts. Both online and in-person courses allow deer hunters to become experts in a number of areas, from deer biology to habitat management. 

In addition, QDMA’s Land Certification Program (LCP) is a multi-level, voluntary process that evaluates and certifies one or more properties against an established list of QDM standards. 

Hunting Heritage
Hunting is an essential tool for sound deer management and part of our sporting heritage. However, in many states hunter numbers have declined, and existing hunter recruitment programs are proving only marginally effective. In response, QDMA has developed innovative youth and new hunter recruitment programs.


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