Calgary, AB – AWIRE is a wearable two-way UHF radio designed to keep hunters in contact with one another while trekking even the most remote terrain. Using the latest generation of radio technology, the device, weighing just under 40 grams, clips onto any collar. Its wearer can talk to the rest of the group by pushing a single button no matter how far away from cell service they are. And unlike traditional two-way radios, the sleek design and earphone audio greatly reduces the chance you will alert prey to your presence. AWIRE is also bluetooth enabled so it can be paired with a smartphone, giving hunters the ability to take calls or listen to music.


Brainchild of founder and local outdoor enthusiast, Steve Pearson, AWIRE has already garnered a following in the hunting community. The onslaught of enthusiasm right out of the gate from the hunters and from investors has Pearson and his team hopeful for their Kickstarter launch. The page goes live on Wednesday. The team is asking for $125,000 (CAD) to get manufacturing going. “Every time I’m out, wired up with a buddy or two, we have people asking us how they can get one. That’s my mission, to get an AWIRE in the hands of the people who want one,” says Pearson.

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AWIRE is the only wearable built by and for outdoor athletes. Push one button and the high-action communication is right in your ear, allowing your pack to roam their farthest while staying in constant contact. It also pairs with your cellphone so you don’t have to sacrifice the tunes, music automatically pauses and resumes when the conversing is done. AWIRE is the patent pending, next generation of radio technology that allows you to go far while still sharing the adventure.