You wake up on the day of the big hunt, and lo and behold, it’s decided to rain. You’re going to have to postpone for a few more days while this rain clears up, you suppose. Not much use trying to go out today.

But wait, not so fast! Hunting in the rain can actually be more rewarding than hunting when the sky is clear, so don’t put away your gear just yet.

Why hunt in the rain?

Here are just some of the reasons hunting in the rain is worth your while.

Deer don’t mind a bit of rain

Unless it’s storming heavily, deer will basically go about their normal daily business when it rains. The only difference is that the repetitive noise of falling rain tends to make deer less alert, and less likely to bolt if they spot you up in your stand. Something about the darkness of a rainy day, and the noise cover provided by raindrops, seem to relax the deer – making it easier for you to make the kill.

There’s less competition

A rainy day is the perfect time to sniff out the best spots to set up in public hunting grounds, because hunters without your wisdom will have packed up their gear at the first sign of rain. You’ll have less competition to deal with, and the woods will be significantly safer and easier to hunt in as a result.

The rain gives you extra cover

When it’s raining, and especially if it’s one of those dark days with plenty of cloud cover, it’s a lot harder for a deer to spot you, whether you’re in a treestand or on the ground. Add this to the fact that a deer is more relaxed in the rain, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to get in your shot before they spot you and scamper. Of course, the visibility issue goes both ways, so you’ll need to be on your guard to prevent yourself from missing any deer movement.

Tips for success

So, we’ve learned that going out for a wet day’s hunt can be a very profitable venture, but there are also challenges that come with it. Here are some tips for making your rainy hunt a successful one.

Get a hunting blind treestand

Really, get a hunting blind. This thing will change your life. Something like this will do just fine, or you can get your hands on this monster and hunt in complete luxury.

You’ll be able to hunt from a blind even in heavy rain, but make sure you’ve got your best listening ears on: the sound of rain on the material could drown out the sounds of passing game. Don’t let that big 200 pounder sneak past you!

Or at the very least, wear waterproof clothing

If you don’t want to get a blind, you’re at least going to want something to stop yourself from getting waterlogged. Invest in some waterproof clothing and it’ll definitely pay off.

Don’t take electronics

For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t take any electronics with you on a rainy hunt. Yes, spending a long day in the forest without playing a single game of Temple Run can be hard, but make sure to leave your phone at home.

In fact, don’t take anything you don’t need

Pack as lightly as possible. Unless you can miraculously keep all your gear dry while you’re setting up, you’ll pay for each item you bring in the form of extra water weight. Only take the gear you absolutely need.

Many hunters swear by a rainy day’s hunt, so the next time rainclouds threaten to dampen your hunt, consider sticking it out.

Good luck, and happy hunting.

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