Bradley Cheek Rests are pleased to Announce Worldwide Distribution

Bradley Adjustable Model - The Bradley Cheek Rest Launches Four New Products

August 22, 2013 – PORTLAND, OR.  The Bradley Cheek Rest is new product geared to help marksmen around the globe obtain the perfect cheek height when aiming through the scope of their favorite military or civilian rifle. The Bradley Cheek Rest is made of KYDEX, a waterproof and shrink proof material that does not stretch or shrink under normal conditions. The Bradley Cheek Rest is available in four different models including their newest adjustable model. The BUL (Bradley Ultra Low) provides a 1/2″ of cheek rise. They also produce the B24 model that features a 7/8″ of cheek rise. Also they have the M1A model, which provides 1-3/8″ of cheek rise, and their newest model, the Bradley Adjustable that starts at 3/8″ and rises to 1-3/8″ of cheek rise. All Bradley cheek rests come in eight (8) different colors and digital tactical patterns. They are NON-invasive, do not slip, and install in just a couple of minutes. Anyone needing just a little cheek weld lift or even a full 1-inch or more to make that perfect cheek weld will find comfort in one of four Bradley Cheek Rests.

Bradley Cheek Rest currently have Swat, Military, Police Dept.?s, civilian marksmen and enthusiast all over the world using their cheek rest on many different types of rifles. Its endless on how many rifles their cheek rests fit on. Every week they get a customer who says, ?Hey, did you know it fits my (fill in they blank) model rifle??  That means they are constantly learning of new applications for their cheek rest on a daily basis, it does not however fit the AR 15 format. All Bradley Cheek Rests are guaranteed for life. All materials are made in the U.S.A. and will always be made in AMERICA. Patent pending.

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