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Brute Outdoors

20120111_CoolerOnBeachWe recently had the opportunity to test and review and then giveaway a Brute Box 55 Cooler. The Brute Box Cooler is a solid well molded and insulated cooler that provides true 5 day ice retention and best in class cooling for a reasonable price.  The Brute Box Outdoors Brute Box 55 could quite possibly be the best cooler that we have ever had the pleasure of testing and the pricing on these coolers has us pretty excited because for the quailty of these coolers you will be expecting to pay quite a bit more.

We have had this cooler since this summer and over the summer we had the opportunity to produce a series of 5 videos over 5 days in which we put a 12 pack of Coca-Cola into the Brute Box 55 along with 3 bags of ice and at the end of 5 full days with the cooler in full sun on my picnic table in an average of 90 degrees each day and on the final day we had the opporunity to dump out the remaining ice and get our last cold soda out of the cooler.


Here is a link to that video:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150322591549105

We were impressed with the quality of the rubber seals on this cooler, the handles, the lid hinges and the water release on the bottom of the cooler.  This baby is named well, it is an absolute Brute of a cooler.  I cannot recommend this cooler enough and I plan on ordering a new one here as soon as they come in as the one we have was given away to one of our Facebook Fan Page Sweepstakes winners.

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