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Buzz Off Outdoor Wear Product Review by Marty Killion

I did a lot of research into bug-proof clothing as my upcoming Alligator hunt in Florida grew closer. I was instructed to expect a lot of bugs, namely mosquitoes, and to be prepared because choosing the wrong gear can result in an excellent hunt downgraded to a good hunt.

My searches kept bringing me to the same location, Buzz Off Outdoor Wear. This Florida based outdoor wear company supplied quality and effective wear to NASA, local police departments and their tactical units along with Florida Fish and Game and Hurricane Andrew officials.

Now that the hunt is completed, I am able to objectively look back on these events and my gear used that made this hunt successful. My choice was Buzz Off’s Ultimate Jacket and Pants. There is no doubt that my choice in Mosquito protective wear made this hunt a complete success. I did not get one mosquito bite this entire trip while in my Buzz Off. I cannot say that my partners shared the same fate. Riding on an airboat thru the swamps all night leaves little chance for the biting bugs to get their mark but once you stop to scan the areas or are setting up on an attempt on a gator, these pesky bugs get their opportunity to strike. Make no mistake, they will and this constant distraction can be easily avoided and you can keep your focus on the dangerous task at hand. Buzz Off was lightweight, extremely durable, flame retardant, UV and UAB protected and even water resistant while maintaining excellent visibility and breathability. I cannot say enough on how was impressed on this line of clothing.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time talking to the owner of Buzz Off, Mary Fiorini Baltes. I will say she is a pleasure to speak with. I learned her line of clothing came about as a result of her youngest son, Jonas, being allergic to mosquitoes. Mary is a mother who decided to come up with an alternative to toxic chemicals to protect her children and the product line has blossomed from there. In addition, all of her products are 100% American made.

I have ordered Buzz Off clothing for my entire family to protect them from biting mosquitoes and insects while hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

To order Buzz Off Outdoor Wear call 1-800-640-3529 and please visit their website at

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