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California Outdoor Heritage Alliance adds National Leadership

Sacramento – The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) further established itself as a leading advocacy organization for the future of our hunting heritage with the addition of four leaders of our nation’s outdoor industry to their Board of Directors. The slate of new Directors was officially approved in front of a packed house at the annual “Meeting of the COHA Members” held recently at the Black Point Sports Club in Petaluma. Joining the COHA Board of Directors is:20100614_logo

S. David Allen – President and CEO, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), a national conservation organization with more than 150,000 members supporting over 550 chapters nationwide. Organized in 1984, RMEF has influenced the protection and improvement of more than 5.7 million acres of habitat;

George C. Thornton – President and CEO, National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), an internationally recognized conservation organization with 350,000 members and 2,300 chapters nationwide, as well as international chapters in Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1973, NWTF has raised and spent more than $306 million since its inception to conserve 14 million acres of habitat for all types of wildlife;

Chris Dorsey – President/Executive Producer, Orion Multimedia,
the international leader of outdoor adventure programming, Chris Dorsey has created more than 35 television series in the last decade and currently produces 32 series on five networks that have won scores of the industry’s most prestigious awards;

Gene Lumsden – President and CEO, Turner’s Outdoorsman and Legacy Sports International.
Turner’s Outdoorsman serves as the West Coast’s premier hunting, fishing and shooting outlet, operating 13 stores in Southern California. Legacy Sports International is one of the most trusted names in the shooting industry. A skilled marksman, Mr. Lumsden is also in the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

In taking a seat on the COHA Board, these gentlemen have joined ranks with the leaders of three other major wildlife conservation organizations who already serve as COHA Directors – Rob Olson, President of Delta Waterfowl, and Miles Moretti, President and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation. California Waterfowl, the organization which created COHA in 2006, also has its leaders on the COHA Board.

“We are honored to have these individuals – leaders of our nation’s finest outdoor organizations and industry – willing to dedicate their own personal time to help lead the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance,” stated Bill Gaines, President of COHA. “These gentlemen fully recognize the significant national impact of political decisions made in California, the unprecedented political partnership we have formed, and the impact our Alliance is having – on our nation’s toughest political playing field. We are pleased to have them working with our Alliance to address the very serious challenges we face.”

Electing to personally serve on the Board, incoming member David Allen, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation commented “California faces many unprecedented challenges in protecting our members’ ability to maintain a connection with our natural resources. COHA is the right organization at the right time to face those challenges. We are honored to join the Alliance and work to maintain our ability to recreate in the great outdoors.”

Also choosing to personally represent the National Wild Turkey Federation on the COHA Board, George Thornton, NWTF President and CEO, stated “NWTF is pleased to align with COHA and add to the collective voice of hunting heritage and conservation. We believe that our voices must be fully united to be heard as our traditional rights are being challenged on many fronts. We look forward to joining COHA and its aligned membership in the public debate. The success of this Alliance is integral to the future of conservation, our heritage and NWTF’s mission accomplishment.”

Chris Dorsey, President/Executive Producer of Orion Multimedia agreed. “No one knows more about the threats posed to hunters and gun owners across America than California sportsmen,” said Dorsey. “COHA is on the front lines of pioneering successful models to answer these threats. Make no mistake; those threats will likely be coming to your state sooner than you think. That’s why the time to engage with COHA in California is now.”

Gene Lumsden, President and CEO of Southern California’s largest sporting goods outlet, Turner’s Outdoorsmen, stated “I am pleased to part of the COHA. The time is now to stand united for the rights of all hunters and sportsmen and women throughout the State of California. Uniting under COHA is critical to our ability to effectively protect our heritage for future generations.”

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance is a 501(c)4 non-profit political advocacy organization dedicated solely to the promotion of wildlife and the protection of our hunting heritage. COHA professional staff is active in all political arenas where decisions are made which may impact science-based wildlife management, habitat conservation, hunting opportunity and the purchase and possession of sporting arms and munitions. COHA currently represents the political interests of over forty organizations and outdoor industry – including nearly every major wildlife conservation organization. For more information on COHA’s membership and efforts visit

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