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Chaco Basin and Balmer Men's Shoe Review


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The Basin We were given the opportunity to test out the Chaco Balmer and Basin Men’s Shoes this month and we jumped at the chance.  They sent out a pair each for my size 13 foot and I have been rotating them back and forth for the past two weeks and my feet are seriously happy.

I had no idea these would be that good but when I talked with Mitch about the chance to review these he was seriously jealous, so I knew something good was coming my way and he was right.  These shoes are lightweight, solidly made and extremely comfortable whether you are walking on the trail or working around the house.  They look good enough with khaki’s and jean’s to wear into a business meeting.

The Basin2The Basin has side stripes along the shoes, great soles and fit extremely well.  This model has a bit more of an upscale sneaker look with the quality of a high end boot in a low rise format.  The laces fit well with the sole and they remain tight and fit comfortably.  Chaco Shoes have a unique insole and it is extremely comfortable and takes a bit of time to get used to.  On these shoes it took me about a day to get used to the insole versus the sport insole that I have been using for the past year but after a day i really feel like my feet are happier in these shoes and I am enjoying the change.

Now years ago I met with an old shoe salesman in New York city and he gave me the best peice of advice I ever got in regards to shoes.  He said, “If you want shoes to last, buy two pairs and rotate your shoes every day.  This allows them to dry properly, breath and they will last a lot longer.”   I have taken his advise when I could afford to do so and in this case I was extremely excited to be getting a second pair to be able to swap between the two pair.

The Balmer The Balmer has a bit more of a business look and would be the pair that would fit best in the business casual environment.  The fit of these is exceptional with a quality brown upper, well designed and a touch of color with the orange over the brown.  These are my favorite of the two pair because they fit well in a pair of slacks and they are comfortable and look more like a business casual shoe then the sporty look of the Basin.

The Balmer2

I am happy with my new shoes from Chaco and I will be wearing them for some time to come.  Comfortable, Great Looking and well made, what is not to love!!!

Check these out at http://www.chacos.com

Or pick them up via Amazon.com and support Team HuntingLife!!


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