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CRKT Homefront Knife Review

As an outdoor writer and influencer, I received the Homefront knife as part of a press gift box filled with various products. I was headed out the door and I had everything already packed so I set this on my desk and walked out on vacation. When I got home, the Homefront knife was buried under an avalanche of mail. I finally dug it out a few weeks ago. I pulled it out of the box, read the instructions and pulled the knife apart. I could instantly see the genius of this knife.


The Homefront Knife by CRKT is designed by Ken Onion. Ken Onion has developed knives for over 25 years. Chefs around the world say that his knives are the best in the world. Some of his knives have been built using meteors and are collectors’ items. Ken Onion loves knives and has been working with CRKT for the past couple of years to create knives for everyday hunters. The Homefront Knife is his newest knife. The great thing about this knife is that you can take the entire knife apart without any tools. This is fantastic news for hunters like myself and I suspect all of our readers.


The knife is taken apart using the “Field Strip” technology in under 30 seconds, washed and put back together in under a few minutes depending upon how much blood, dirt and grime you have built up inside of the knife. The Homefront Knife is built to look like a WWI heirloom knife and it stands up to the requirements of just about any hunter in the field. The handles are made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and the blade is AUS 8 stainless steel. You can basically throw just about anything at this knife and it will hold up. Ken Onion builds all his knives with easy-assist openings so getting the knife open with gloves on in cold weather will be no problem. This is a great Every Day Carry (EDC) knife with a little bit of heft so you know it is there.


Check out the CRKT Homefront Knife at CRKT or pick it up on Amazon.


CRKT Homefront blowout
CRKT Homefront knife tool less breakdown

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