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Crooked Horn Outfitters Master Guide Backpack II


Crooked Horn Outfitters

In an age where hunting is a media dominated sport, cameras, tripods and camera arms are becoming the norm for hunting equipment. I have been filming myself for two years now, and have found that with all of the extra equipment, I was spending more time getting set up than I was hunting. My original backpack just wasn’t sufficient for my excessive load of equipment. Items were scattered all around, and I was making too much noise getting in the stand, it simply wasn’t doing the job.

M1210008.JPGThat’s why I switched to the Crooked Horn Master Guide Backpack II. This is the workhorse of all hunting backpacks. Made out of GrizHide material and weatherproof nylon packcloth, this pack is durable, waterproof, extremely quiet, and it holds its shape well. The first thing I liked about this pack was its efficiency. In one backpack, I can carry my weapon, camera arm, tripod, camera, all of my other essentials, and I can do so comfortably. The pack features seven main pockets that organize everything in an orderly fashion, which is very advantageous in the heat of the moment. I can remove my pack and know exactly where I need to go to find an item.

Yet another great aspect of this pack is that even with all of this equipment, features on the pack make it M1210010.JPGextremely easy to carry. The pack is lined with over one and a half inches of padding, to prevent the contents from jabbing you in the back. Also, padded shape fitting shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit your body, and the two wrap around straps secure around the abdomen and chest, providing additional weight distribution points. Therefore, the weight is evenly distributed around your entire upper body, taking pressure off of your shoulders, which is absolutely crucial on long hikes.

At the stand, the pack continued to impress me. Since my bow and everything else was already secured in the pack, I simply attached the handle to my rope, and started climbing. Removing my bow, camera, and camera arm was extremely fast, quiet, and easy. I didn’t have to dig for anything since everything had its own compartment. The zippers are easy to grip, even with gloves on, and they are quiet as well. With the snap off two buckles, my bow was free and I was ready to go. The stealthy attributes and organization of this pack made getting into the stand extremely fast, and


more importantly quiet. Lowering my equipment from the stand, I found yet another job the pack serves. It protects your bow from tree limbs and the ground when lowering it from the stand. The built in weapon holder covers the weapon so that it doesn’t come in contact with the mud.

Overall, this pack features everything I need in a backpack. While I may take an excessive amount of equipment into the field, at least now I have a pack that can more than handle the job. If you are on the market for a new backpack that exceeds expectations, I urge you to consider the American Made Crooked Horn Outfitters Master Guide II, it is an investment you will not regret.

To view the Master Guide Backpack II, along with the rest of the Crooked Horn Outfitters prodcuts, click here.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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