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Day Three at the Safari Club International Hunters Convention

Day Three at the 38th Annual Safari Club International Hunters Convention for me started very early this morning with some great interviews about some of the newer gear from Sitka Gear.  The guys showed us the Cold Front Gear and their new pack and after what I saw at the ATA Show I cannot wait for the new gear for 2010 to hit the shelves…We will have the video interviews up here on HuntingLife soon.

I sat in on a conservation meeting and filmed a bit about the work being done in Newfoundland Caribou research with Shane Mahoney and I am looking forward to the opportunity to interview him tomorrow.

We got to chat with some great folks from BLM about the current situation in regards to the wild burro program and what thier plans are for the future.  We filmed a great interview and we will have a story for all of you on this breaking situation in regards to this management situation in the next week.

We got a chance to meet with James Swan who if you will remember created the documentary on the California Warden Crises… 200 wardens to manager 38 million people… California needs to get its act together and begin a major recruitment and funding program for the enforcement of our game laws in this great state.

We saw many old and new faces today at the convention and many of our great outdoor personalities were in the house today visiting booths, signing autographs and spreading the message of conservation and the passion they have for hunting.

We stopped by and got a chance to test the new Swarofski Optic EL 10 by 42 Binos and as an owner of an older pair, I really did not believe they could actually improve this set of Binoculars…I WAS WRONG… These new EL’s are AMAZING!!!

We also had a great visit with Randy Oitker and we got to see him shoot a demonstation today.  Randy is an amazing Trick Shot Artist and one heck of and exhibition shooter.

We also had the opportunity to cover the announcement of the Beretta Trident Program today and the very first Trident Rated Wingshooting Lodge in the country as announced today.  Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge earned that award from Beretta and I see great things for this National Wingshooting Lodge Certification Program over the next couple of years.  There is no question that Beretta only does things 100% and I am sure they will run the Trident Rating Program with the utmost professionalism and integrity that we have all come to expect from Beretta.  As well George W. Bush will be speaking tomorrow so we are on complete camera lockdown so their will be no pictures from day four.  Beretta built a custom shotgun to present to George W. Bush and it is engraved with the number 43 and they have over 500 hours of work into this shotgun and it is absolute work of art.

We look forward to one more day before we head up over the hill and head on home.  We have some great meetings tomorrow and we look forward to one more great day of visiting with the wonderful members, sponsors and vendors at the SCI Convention.








Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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