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Day6 PlotWatcher Pro Review

Plot WatcherThe first time I saw the Plotwatcher, I immediately knew I liked this concept but I refrained from getting one until the PlotWatcher Pro came out.  The newest game camera from Day 6 Outdoors is exceptional and provides best in class daytime surveillance from 3 to 330 feet giving you the coverage you need of an entire field.

This is not your fathers game camera, this is time-lapse and covers day time action only.  Why does that matter, well that is when your going to be hunting and if you want to pattern big deer the best way to do that is through time-lapse.

The Day6 PlotWatcher Pro Game Surveillance System  allows you to record up to 120 days of activity onto a single SDHC Memory card which is 20 times the video content as the original PlotWatcher and 40 times better then most trail cameras.  You have the options of recording on various time schedules from as close as 1 second to up to every 60 minutes with common standards at every 5 seconds to 10 seconds.  We filmed at every 5 seconds as a quick test on a game feeder here in Nebraska and I found the results to be exceptional.

 PlotWatcher ProWith the PlotWatcher Pro you have options of using interchangeable Day6 accessory lenses for greater Zoom and Wide Angle capability and you can order those direct from www.day6outdoors.com.  The set up on this camera is quick and easy and within a matter of minutes, I was able to set it and forget it and when I came back 3 days after the initial test, I had 3 great quality video clips over the 3 days of filming and I was impressed with each.  I did however forget to set the time so while the actual time and date was off on the clip, I was impressed with the temperature on each and every frame as well as the ability to see the time.

The GameFinder Software provided does a great job of being able to work with the videos and at least on a Macintosh it is relatively easy to change the file type from .tlv to .avi and you can view the video files quickly in preview should you not have the available software with you or your on somebody else’s computer.  The software though is exceptional and really provides some key features allowing you to skip frame by frame and be able to export frames as .jpg files.

A Small Clip of our 3 day test:

Overall, I would purchase the Day6 Plotwatcher Pro over most other trail cameras because I need real time data that is going to cover big spaces during daylight hours.  I want to pattern deer during the day and what I find with most trail cameras is that 85% of my pictures are at night which tells me which bucks are in the area, but gives me no idea whether they are using the area during the times I am actually hunting.  If I can see the bucks using specific trails during the day, I can know when to hunt specific areas based on over 120 days worth of footage.  This year we will be using this camera in a specific canyon and I will set it up before the season and coming back to hunt that location about the 4th day of the season after all of the locals have shot out and the big bucks begin to come out of hiding.  It will be game on and I will have the data and video to know when to be in position.

Now you can order the Plotwatcher Pro directly from www.day6outdoors.com but we suggest that you order the Plotwatcher Pro from Amazon.com because you will be supporting Team HuntingLife in our ability to continue to provide you these great reviews.

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