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Dogtra Pathfinder Review by Ryan Spellman

We got the Dogtra Pathfinder High Response Tracking and Training system in to test with our weimaraner Joonie.  We have spent the last couple of months working with this collar in the field.  The technology of the collar is simply breathtaking from the ability to see your dog on point as well as the ability to set Geo Fences for your dog.


The Dogtra Pathfinder is probably one of the most advanced training collars and hunting collars that we have put into our hands.  The system allowed us to keep track of Joonie on the ranch we hunt across four thousand acres when we let her roam and whether it was in canyons, across fields and through woods, we could see exactly where she was at all times.  The Pathfinder system allows us to see where she is right on our smartphone without using data or in areas where cell service is non-existent through the use of a pairing antenna that communicates with our phone using bluetooth.  We only used the collar within a 4-mile range but Dogtra has tested this collar out to 9 miles.


We are training Joonie to hunt pheasants and quail and honestly this collar is a bit more than we really need in order to train her for that type of hunting.  I believe that the Dogtra Pathfinder is absolutely the collar you want if you are seriously into coon hunting, mountain lion hunting, bear hunting and hog or deer hunting with your dogs.  The features allow you to see when the dog has an animal treed, when they are on point and the exact location of up to 21 dogs with collars all paired to your smart phone with the collars and the antenna.


These collars are fully waterproof and offer best in class technology for hound hunters.  The Pathfinder was a little bit more advanced than what we were looking for as an everyday collar for Joonie but we were absolutely impressed with the functionality.  The Dogtra Combo collar will probably be what we will use for our regular hunts on a day to day basis.

Some of the features we really liked about the Dogtra Pathfinder collar are:


  • Free App download in the Apple App store or Google Play
  • Easily pair your compatible smart phone to the GPS to collar using Bluetooth.
  • You can see all of your dogs using one phone and one pairing antenna
  • The Geo Fencing ability is amazing
  • You can see individual dog alerts notifying you of the your dogs status of resting, resting/barking, running, running and barking, pointing, pointing and barking, tree’d or tree’d bark.
  • The ability to share information with another user in the area
  • The high quality maps
  • The ability to use the collar with your phone and not use any cell service or data.


The Dogtra Pathfinder collar blows everything we have ever used before out of the water when it comes to features and range of use.  In fact, the collar is ten times more advanced then we need in a collar for Joonie and our upland hunts but if you are a serious hound hunter the pathfinder is absolutely the collar you want to look at.  The Pathfinder as well as many of the great dog collars from Dogtra are absolutely worth checking out.


Dogtra Pathfinder Collar Dogtra Pathfinder Collar Dogtra Pathfinder Collar

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