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Donation plea for African Orphanage by Don Rickards Pro Staffer

African OrphanageSometimes you find out no matter what you do it’s not the right thing at the time.  This is the story of Don and Ginny Rickards and their work to bring over donations to an African Orphanage and a plea for help from all of our wonderful readers.  Please take the time to read through thier story and make a donation to help.

As you will come to see in the next few months Ginny & I are going back to Africa. This time for a little vacation and charitable work. And on this trip we now have 2 SCI Blue Bags filled to the brim with needed items for the kids at an orphanage our PH and outfitter Motsomi Safaris introduced us to a few years ago. Knowing what these people do with the little resources they get is amazing. And without going into to any detail the enormous generosity that the Motsomi family itself (and past hunters) do is heartwarming.

While Ginny and I were going from store to store looking for bargains to buy and fill these bags we had planned to have dinner with some Motsomi hunters that just came back that week. And we were told what they took and a whole group that they forgot about… the girls from ages 8 to 16. And when they went to the orphanage to deliver 4 bags that they had taken over they found out that the government hadn’t sent them any money since early spring and the cupboards were bare.

Turns out our friends not only had the bags of goodies they also brought a $500.00 cash gift from the Local Lehigh Valley Chapter of SCI.  They and the Motsomi owners started to make phone calls and the family cranked up the meat processing at the safari lodge, and with in a day or so things were better for a while.

So since the dinner with our returning friends Ginny and I jumped in the car and added to the missing items for the girls that were left out.  Now we will be there for Christmas. So Ginny and I are really relieved that we shook hands and agreed that with all these items in those Blue Bags that we bought and the $150.00 a bag for extra luggage  (yes, they charge you for being nice), this would be our Christmas gifts to each other… I really like the idea… and so does she. Now we don’t have to rack out brains to buy each other things we really don’t need… THIS IS ALL NEEDED, so we feel good about our Christmas plans.

Here is the name and web sight of the orphanage I just spoke of, and if in the next 2 weeks you get the Christmas spirit and want to send a check made out to them – we would be more than happy to hand it to them and have you help them out.

Someone asked me is it tax deductable???? I said not with our IRS… just between what you can give and points you may need to get to heaven…

I could go on and on of why this has happened.. but I don’t want to put it in writing and it just one of those times ya just have to trust me when I say ( I swear on my regulator ) it’s a very worthy cause…

And I want to thank Kevin Paulson, Head Sherriff of  for this opportunity to plea for this worthy cause….

Thanks for your ear.

And Merry Christmas

Don & Ginny Rickards, Proud Pro Team Members of and thankful to know and be friends with the kind of people of the  family.

Don Rickards

Po. Box. 219

Upper Black Eddy Pa. 18972

God Bless



If you have a few dollars in your pocketbook that you could spare we would really like to help get this wonderful orphanage a few dollars.  You can make the checks out directly to the orphanage and American Express Travelers Cheques would be even better then a direct check to insure that the orphanage could use the funds a little quicker.  Don and Ginny can take cash but would prefer to have Travelers Cheques to give to the orphanage directly.  Don and Ginny have taken money out of their pocket to put together Blue Bags and they are very dedicated to this great organization.


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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