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Eureka Kaycee Long Sleeping Bag Product Review

Sleeping bags are pretty important to back country hunters.  The quest for a great sleeping bag at a reasonable price for my adventures later this year began by flipping through catalogs and talking to several folks who were in the know.  I was looking for a bag that was a little longer then my 5 foot 11 inch height.  I like to pack my sweatshirt and pants down around my feet so they are warm when I wake up.  I also look for a bag that is lightweight and compresses well to fit into my backpack.  So lightweight, easy to pack, a little long and oh yeah it had to be at a reasonable price and most of all it had to be warm.

I started searching some of the bags and boy these things can get really expensive.  I had a really great Eureka Tent so I decided to check their website and found out they made sleeping bags and after checking around, I found my new sleeping bag settling on the Kaycee Long.  This bag has zero degree temperature ratings which should cover just about any scenario that I am going to be in.  This bag weighs in at 5lbs carrying weight and while not the lightest I could find at this temperature rating, it did not rob my pocket book at a cool price of $149.90 plus shipping.

I took the bag out after a recent snowstorm, threw it onto the snow in 20 degree temps and jumped in for a quick nap.  The bag holds up really well and I could not be happier with my purchase.  The zippers are YYK and look very good, the bag is tough and comes with a great compression sack to keep the bag tight and ready for packing.  I always recommend hanging bags uncompressed in the closet or in a rubber made container for storage so the lofting and fill stays in good shape.  I always recommend that you air out your bag for a few days before putting it away for storage and making sure any moisture is dried out of the bag.

The bag also comes with an external pillow pocket and inside stash pocket for your wallet or media player.  If your looking for a great bag that wont total your wallet the Kaycee Long should definitely be on your list of great sleeping bags to check out.

Eureka Kaycee Long


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