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Hawke Optics

20111031_DeerPASSEVSRIRAt the 2011 Professional Outdoor Media Association product showcase, Hawke Optics stole the floor with their illuminated scopes, crystal clear glass, and affordable prices. The Deer Pass SR by Hawke Optics is the perfect scope for those slug gunners and muzzleloaders out there. The Deer Pass offers an additional 20% field of view over standard riflescopes, while also providing an illuminated SR reticle. There are three illumination stages: off (black), red, or green. In order to achieve a desirable intensity, the rheostat adjusts the brightness of both red and green at 5 different levels. During use, the green setting proved to be the least distracting and overall the easiest to use out of the three stages.

20111031_DEERPASS1Another great aspect of the Deer Pass is it offers a built in range finding system. As the picture indicates, set on 6x magnification the shooter can quickly range their animal before the shot. This system is especially attractive because it takes a range finder out of the equation, therefore minimizing motion before the shot, while also increasing the likelihood of a perfect hit on your animal.

The Deer Pass reticle is also compatible with Hawke’s BRC (Ballistic Reticle Calculator), which can specify aim points for your specific load. Many will argue that the BRC system is the best part of Hawke’s line of scopes, right next to the illuminated reticle. Other features worth noting are the ¼ M.O.A fingertip turrets and high grip zoom ring, which allow for quick and precise adjustments. The 1″ monotube construction is much stronger than other two-piece chassis scopes found on today’s market. The Deer Pass is also nitrogen purged, waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof.

Overall, the Deer Pass SR by Hawke Optics is a great scope for shotgun hunters as well as muzzleloader hunters, as it allows for fast target acquisition, quick ranging, and accurate shots. A combination of the illuminated reticle, range finding system, and the crystal clear expanded field of view all add up to a top-notch scope for your deer hunting adventures.


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