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Henry Repeating Arms Launches Henry TV

HenryTV-logoThe great team at Henry Repeating Arms has launched their newest offering with Henry TV. Henry TV is 100% online with a weekly episode format. It offers everything from rifle reviews, shooting tips, tech tips, guest appearances, event coverage, interviews, accessories and lot and lots of shooting.


22Plinkster is the host for the Henry TV video episodes and his excitement for the Henry brand is palpable. He loves to shoot. Plink is the perfect host to talk about all things Henry Repeating Arms.


The great news about this new format for Henry TV is that the team will answer questions and listen to the fans and subscribers. New content focused and directly created for the legions of Henry Repeating Arms fans will be evident in every episode.


We spoke with Dan Clayton-Luce, Social Media Manager for Henry and asked him about Henry TV: “For many years now I have enjoyed watching firearms content on YouTube, so we decided to step into the ring with our own channel. With the help of 22Plinkster we think we’ll be able to do things a bit differently and provide super high quality, useful content that people will actually enjoy watching. Henry TV is a venture we’re all very excited about growing into something special, and something that stands out as a prime example of how a firearms company can run a YouTube channel without it being just a bunch of commercials.”


We are excited and we subscribed as soon as we caught the first couple of episodes. We look forward to the gear tips and techniques as well as the interviews and keeping abreast of all the great things happening with Henry Repeating Arms. Check out Henry TV and become a subscriber to keep up with all the great content.





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