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Hunting an old male Lion in South Africa with Motsomi Safaris

The great thing about hunting in Africa is that you never know what you might get to do.  It’s not like going deer hunting, where you have to be sure to check the number of points on a buck before you can shoot, and you can only shoot one buck in a very short hunting season.  Depending on the country where you are hunting, you may be able to hunt any time of the year for almost any animal, and we are talking dozens of species.


For me, after having just arrived in SA I was handed an opportunity I never even dreamed off…. I got to take out a very old male lion.  Located in a national reserve, he was 12 years old, kicked out of his pride, and was found feeding on a black rhino that died of natural causes, a free meal to be grateful for.  And… since this rogue lion didn’t have a pride to hunt for him, they knew his next step would be to hunt livestock and possibly humans.


Don, my husband, just got a 375 for himself, just in case he got the opportunity for other dangerous game.  He already has a lion and buffalo.  Thanks to him, I got to break in his gun on this lion.  And thanks to Jeff Bortz, our optics guy, we had a Nightforce ‘donut of death’ scope, it did the trick. After a careful stalk on the rhino carcass, we found him.  Then the old guy started for the trees but I threaded the bullet between the trees into his vitals. One more insurance shot and I did it!  Talk about adrenaline….  He’s a great trophy, and I owe it to Pieter Potgieter of Motsomi Safaris (  Not only is he a top PH (Professional Hunter) who I trust my life with, but he has such a stellar reputation that the nature reserves are calling him when they have dangerous game that have become a problem.  Thanks all!!!!!


If you would like to book a trip with Motsomi Safaris Contact Pieter Potgeiter and check out thier listing here on


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