The hunting community has been asking for years to have a direct debate with anti-hunters and tonight Intelligence Squared is facilitating the opportunity to get this debate completed.

Debaters include the Editor-in-Chief of Field & Stream and the CEO of the Humane Society. It’s already struck a nerve – the informal online poll on their site has always registered tens of thousands of votes and comments for and against the motion.
Whether in America’s state game lands or the African bush, hunting has become one of the most hotly debated issues in the media and online. Internationally, the killing of Cecil the lion triggered a firestorm of criticism over trophy hunting rules and regulations. Central to the debate here in the U.S. is the white-tailed deer. Its overpopulation has caused millions of dollars in property damage, over browsing in forests, and the spread of Lyme disease. Many believe that regulated hunting can be an effective way to manage healthy populations of deer and other wildlife. And with the funds raised from legal hunting—the purchase of permits in Africa, licenses and taxes here in the U.S.—hunters have contributed significantly to conservation efforts on both public and private lands. But hunting’s critics question whether big game revenues really benefit local communities and whether hunting could ever be a humane way to maintain equilibrium and habitats. Is hunting wrong? Or are hunters conservationists?



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