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Hunting GPS Maps Review by Edward Gramza

For the average do it yourself hunter, scouting locations out of state can be time consuming and expensive.  Just mapping out the public land with various paper maps can be a chore.  And once you have paper maps or even electronic maps, how do you know if you are looking at areas within your hunting zone?  The various products made by Hunting GPS Maps will come in handy both from the comfort of your home and in the field while chasing your next trophy.  All you need is a computer or a compatible Garmin GPS unit.

Hunting GPS Maps  DIY hunters like to have a plan before heading into the field.  Knowledge of a hunting area and natural hunting skills are part of what make the difference between eating tag soup or fresh tenderloin.  Today’s hunter has more technology at their finger tips than their forefathers did.  Using a GPS unit, a hunter can pinpoint his exact location and plot their course.  Adding a Hunting GPS Maps chip to your Garmin unit will give you an advantage over the average hunter that is also trying to punch their tag.  This technology will also give a DIY hunter the advantage to navigate the checkerboard of public land that some hunters don’t know exist.

Hunting GPS Maps has numerous products on the market that will assist hunters, guides, and outdoors men and women.  Any western hunter or guide that owns a Garmin handheld GPS should look at getting one of the available mapping chips for their unit.  You can pick from a premium chip, a regional chip, or in some cases a standard chip.  The premium and standard chips are only for use in one state while the regional chips will have a few states loaded onto them.  The big difference is the actual information that is provided on the chip your purchase.Hunting GPS Maps

The premium chips that are available from Hunting GPS Maps show various categories of public land as well as landowner names of all private lands.  This can help aide a hunter if they seek permission to either hunt on private land or track a wounded animal.  Along with this information, the premium, regional, and standard chips show contour lines, points of interest, and boundaries for elk, deer, and antelope management units.  The different types of public land as well as private are color coded making it easy to distinguish between all of the information on the screen.

Consumers have a few options when purchasing maps from Hunting GPS Maps.  The easiest and most convenient is to buy the microSD version that will plug right into the compatible Garmin units.  This takes the guess work out of trying to download information to your handheld via the computer.  Also with this option, a user can use the included microSD to SD chip converter to plug the chip directly into the computer and view the maps by downloading a free version of the Garmin BaseCamp software.  This will allow the owner to scout any area in the state they want right from the comfort of their home.  Customers can also purchase a downloaded version of the maps, but will require some more advanced computer skills in order to transfer the information to a GPS unit.  Again, customers can view any area in the state to get an idea of the locations they plan to hunt.   Customers who do not have a compatible GPS unit are able to scout on their computer, and then print off custom maps they can take into the field.

Hunting GPS MapsMy personal favorite version is the hunting maps for Google Earth.  These are state specific maps and must be purchased separately.    They provide the same information as the premium maps but feature the 3D technology from Google Earth.  The Hunting GPS Maps information is overlaid on the high quality satellite maps from Google and allows a hunter to have a better perspective of the elevation and cover in their favorite hunting areas.  While actually getting out into the woods is the best form of scouting, this is a close second.  This is an excellent option for those hunters that are out of state and unable to travel to their desired hunting location.

Any serious DIY hunter that wants to take their hunts to the next level needs to check out the offerings from Hunting GPS Maps.  They will provide information about public lands that more hunters will never know.  It might even help you find a new “honey hole.”  Adding digital technology to your arsenal might just be the difference a hunter needs to punch their tag.  To see a list of the maps that are offered as well as the compatible Garmin units, visit Hunting GPS Maps.  The chips can be purchased at various retailers across the country or directly from the website.  It is time to take your hunting into the 21st century.

Hunting GPS Maps            www.huntinggpsmaps.com        406-540-1602

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