Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

Outdoor experiences abound in late June. Let FLIR and Raymarine be your guide.

Minneapolis, MN (June 16, 2017) – Summer doesn’t officially begin until 12:24 AM EST on June 21 – but don’t tell that to the millions of Americans who have already kicked off the season on waterways, campgrounds and backyard decks and patios throughout America.

Right now, there are brats to grill, lakes to fish, streams to paddle, mountains to climb and camping locations to explore all across our great nation. But summer is short and our lists of fair-weather aspirations are long. You’d better get moving.

In the unlikely event you need a specific excuse to jumpstart the fun, Father’s Day is coming this weekend, and as luck would have it, Sunday June 18 is also National Go Fishing Day. We’re not joking; look it up, then load the family into the boat and enjoy a day on the water chasing bluegills, stripers, yellow perch, dorado or whatever species is going gangbusters in your neck of the pond.

But before you can catch them, you’ve got to find them.

Simply Superior Sonar and Nimble Navigation. Enter Raymarine’s new Axiom 7-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch multi-function displays. With built-in RealVision 3D™ sonar, the all new LightHouse 3 operating system, and blazing fast quad core performance, Axiom will transform your time on the water.

The new LightHouse 3 OS is silly fast, fluid, and easy to learn. Rapid position updates and smooth on-screen tracking come courtesy of a 10Hz 72 channel GPS/GLONASS receiver. Axiom’s rugged all-glass display is optimized for flush or surface mounting with a sleek, buttonless design and swipe-to-power control. An uncluttered interface is easily personalized for your style of navigating. These intuitive new displays support the best charts from Navionics and LightHouse Raster and Vector Charts sourced from leading mapmakers like NV Digital, Blue Latitude, and more.

When it comes to seeing what’s below, Axiom delivers like no other with powerful four-channel sonar supporting RealVision 3D, CHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and 600 Watt (50/200 kHz) sonar. Axiom’s Wide Spectrum CHIRP Sonar transmits on 60 different frequencies for the most life-like imagery and the best fish targeting capability available, while RealVision™ 3D sonar depicts the underwater world in stunning, three-dimensional clarity. And all of this vision is delivered to Axiom’s HD display via a single all-in-one transducer housing that’s gyro-stabilized to compensate for boat movement.

Axiom is expandable, so its capabilities can grow with your needs. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories, including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, FLIR maritime thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments and Evolution autopilot. Standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones.

Whether you fish, cruise or sail, there’s an all-new Raymarine Axiom model for you. Find yours now at Raymarine.com. Prices start at just $649.99.

While late June’s bounty of outdoor fun often leads to the water, it certainly doesn’t end there. The entire month is National Camping Month, and, specifically, June 24 is the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Great American Campout Day.

In addition to being loads of fun, camping helps Americans appreciate the wonders of nature and wildlife. That’s good, because we tend to conserve and protect what we appreciate. Take the Great American Campout pledge today, and help the National Wildlife Federation to donate 5,000 regionally specific native trees through its Trees for Wildlife program.

Whether you prefer to camp in the backcountry or an RV park, having the right gear makes your experiences in the great outdoors safer and more rewarding.

Essential Outdoor Vision. Imagine how much safer and fun your outdoor experiences would be if you could see in the dark, or through environmental obscurants like light fog, smoke or haze. FLIR Systems delivers that sixth sense with their line of Scout handheld thermal vision monoculars.

Unlike Night Vision technology, which relies on infrared illumination, all FLIR Scout models work by detecting minute differences in the temperatures of both live and inert objects, amplifying those differences and projecting amazingly clear images onto a small screen. The technology is improving and prices are dropping, making it available to more people than ever before. The Scout TK model, for example, starts at just $599.

Applications for rugged, pocket-sized FLIR Scout models run the gamut from fun and functional to life-saving. From locating keys, flashlights or other lost items on the ground, to wildlife viewing or keeping track of kids after dark, Scout handheld thermal vision monoculars deliver unmatched situational awareness in any lighting conditions, from full sunlight to total darkness.

Some of the best camping takes place in bear country, or areas where other dangerous predators like wolves, coyotes and mountain lions make their homes. FLIR’s powerful Scout II and Scout III thermal vision monocular can detect a human-sized target in total darkness at a distance of over 1,200 yards, affording users the welcomed opportunity to spot a prowling cougar, camp-encroaching coyote or mama bear with cubs in plenty of time to avoid a dangerous confrontation. Powerful Scout II and Scout III models start at $1,999, but you can save 10% and get one now during FLIR’s special Father’s Day sale.

So, while summer doesn’t technically begin for a few more days, the season for spending quality time in the great outdoors is definitely already in full swing. FLIR and Raymarine make the products that will help you make the most of every precious outdoor outing, so get geared up now, stay safe, and maximize the fun.

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