Sandy River Outfitters, run by Harry Walker has two available tags left for Whitetail.  Harry tells me that this summer it rained almost every single day  and that is excellent for antler growth.  It is also going to make a big difference in how we hunt these bucks this year.  The higher waters and the standing water is absolutely going push the bucks onto the ridge caps and it is going to funnel them into a bit more specific travel routes.  At least until it freezes and snows then, my guess is all bets are off.

Sandy River Outfitters offers a very comfortable camp, warm heat and some of the best hearty food one could ask for.  The stands are covered, can be heated upon request and the bucks are magnificent.  His guides have been working with him for the last 14 years and in the outfitting business that is unheard of.  He takes care of his staff, he takes care of his clients and his return rate is over 80%.  Almost every single year, Harry is fully booked out for whitetail.  This year, two of his long standing clients had to cancel out in the last month.  If your interested in a great hunt, opening week is available for both slots.

I will personally be hunting this week and I fully ENDORSE Harry Walker and Sandy River Outfitters.

Harry Walker
Sandy River Outfitters
11 Sauve Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R2N 3K7

Toll free: 1-888-522-5019 or (204) 257-5223


Give Harry a call and ACT FAST.