It is March Madness time and time for a little fun in preparation for turkey season. 

Since it is March Madness, I have a few turkey calls that I am willing to put up for a fun contest. 

We are going to have our own brackets for the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  The brackets will be held on CBSSportsline at

We will allow anyone 10 years old or older fill out a bracket.  Everyone will be able to log in see their ranking and the winner will win bragging rights for one year and two great turkey calls of my choosing.  One Pot Call and One box Call.  We will highlight these calls in future posts.

Brackets will come out on Sunday and all you need to do to participate is send me an email so I can add you to our contest.

BTW… WE KNOW JOELLA IS GOING TO PiCK Tennessee to go all the way!!!!!