I am heading out this week for a quick trip to the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings, and I need to grab a quick charger that can handle all of my charging needs over the couple of days while filming.  The team at MyCharge sent out the AdventureMega C for me to test.  I specifically requested this unit because of the functionality of having USB C to charge our camera gimble and our laptop and cell phone quickly.

The MyCharge Adventure Mega C has a total power of 20100mAh as well as a built in USB A Port and 2 built in USB C ports; one that works as Import and one that is import/outport.  The unit delivers up to 18w of power to the two output ports.  It is enough to charge the gimble, the tablet and my cell phone.  The 18w of power is not enough to charge my laptop while I am using it, but it can charge it at night while I am sleeping or in my pack.

The pros on this unit: it packs a tremendous amount of power and it lasts while charging your cell phone and tablet quickly.  The cons on the unit: it is heavy and it does not have enough output to work with my laptop.  The good news is the technology is getting better and better.

The unit is tough as can be and holds up well.  It has enough of a seal to use in rain and snow, though I personally would not dunk this unit under water.  Solid unit retailing under 90 dollars. 

Check it out at https://mycharge.com/products/adventuremega-c or check them out on Amazon through our affiliate link here:  https://amzn.to/2Gs7Mhq

Follow up on the MyCharge Adventure Mega C

I took the unit to the NRA annual Meetings in Indianapolis as my only power source.  I wanted to see if the full battery on my phone as well as the charger could handle my entire weekend.  I turned off the wifi on my phone but left Bluetooth on all weekend.  I use my phone all day and for quite a bit of the time this weekend we filmed, photographed, posted to Instagram, read emails, posted to Facebook I even used the phone as a flashlight.  I charged the phone with only the MyCharge and at the end of the weekend I had one bar left on the battery and a full battery on the phone at 8pm on Sunday.  This battery is loaded with enough juice to handle anything.