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A couple of months ago I was asked to spend a little time working with a new product from that will allow the user to design and build his own mouth diaphragm turkey calls.

When I received this product I was amazed with the simplicity of the design, and the seemingly ease of use. It wasn’t until I starting working with this product that I truly came to appreciate it.

Gary Pickens, owner of has come up with a wonderful idea and product!

After reading the directions, and gathering up the rest of the materials that I needed, (Exacto knife, small scissors, and roll of double sided Scotch tape) I went to work, literally!

I took this set-up with me to my office one morning when I knew it would be a slow work day.

Ah, the “perks” of working in law enforcement!

After about 30 minutes, everything seemed to just fall into place for me with this idea. The first two calls that I produced with this, looked amazing, just like a couple of mass produced double reed turkey diaphragms. The downside to these calls was what can only be described as user’s trial and error, leaning more on the side of error. It seems that I had not yet found the “groove” as far as the reed tension was concerned.

Both of my calls lacked the sound that I was looking for, but this has nothing to do with Gary’s product. This was/is the only drawback to this system, that there is no way to judge or be 100% consistent with reed tension, and as I found out first hand, can be a bit of a drawback when you are just starting out.

The upside to that, and the reason there is no included gauge system, is the cost. For less than $30, you can produce tons of mouth calls, tailored to your style and choosing!

Additional frames, tape, and latex can be ordered from Gary as well. And he is a SUPER guy! He is always willing to help with any questions or issues that you might have pop up, or to provide some additional answers or “tech support” for your call making adventures.

Coming from a call making background, I can honestly say that this product is top notch. Having the ability to make custom mouth calls right in camp, your office, the kitchen table at home, or even the tailgate of your truck, while in the field chasing a big gobbler, in less than a few minutes per call is amazing!

I would suggest to anyone out there that is looking for a way to customize your turkey call arsenal to look up and give Gary’s product a try. After a time or two of using this, you will be amazed at the calls that you can end up with!

Bo Spencer
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