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Never Give Up by Justin Morrissey

During my first year of bowhunting in 2006 many exciting events took place that I will remember forever. I was only 13.  I definitely learned one lesson and that is to never give up and just be patient.  I hope you enjoy this story!

I was exciting for the upcoming season to take place.  All summer long my brother and I put out trail cameras and got some nice bucks on camera.  My first day out in the stand was after school on a thursday.  My brother came out to the stand with me and brought the video camera.  We were ready to shoot anything being that it ws the first time out for me and we wanted to get one under my belt.  It didn’t take long before a doe and her fawn came right under the stand.  I pulled back and waited for the go from my brother.  He said shoot so I did and I smoked the big doe.  When I hit her she wailed “BBBllaaaaaahhhhhh!!”  She ran off and we heard her crash 60 yards off.  We were so pumped, we got down right away and tracked her.  It wasn’t hard, we found her and tagged her.  We gutted her out, which was interesting with two young kids who never gutted out a deer.  Thanks to our close attention to our dad, we pulled it off quite nicely.  It was definitely a great first experience.

Throughout the rest of the season, we had very close encounters with some nice mature bucks.

We decided to head out on the worst day of the year.  It snowed, but it was warm out so the snow got all slushy and we got wet.  I saw a little buck, but I didn’t shoot it.  That was the only thing I saw.  I got back to the house and talked to the rest of the guys who went out that same morning.  They all didn’t see anything, except for like one doe.  While we were all eating, my brother asked if anyone wanted to say forget bowhunting and just go rabbit hunting.  Every one said yes, but I really didn’t want to.  We got all the .22s out.  We realized that we were one short, so I would have to use a shotgun or my bow.  I just said forget it and went back out bowhunting for deer.

The boys dropped me off and I trudged out to the woods at about 1 pm.  I went to a spot where no one usually hunts.  This means that I had to sit on the ground.  I found a spot and saw a doe right away, but didn’t take her.  I got ants in my pants and moved shortly after.  I found a sweet opening and a nice fallen tree to sit on.  I took out my Primos “original can” and flipped it a couple times.  Nothing happened for 10 minutes, so I decided to move.  Right when I thought that, I heard something.  I looked over and saw a nice buck emerge from the 4-wheeler trail to my left.  It walked directly at me and stayed behind a tree so I could only see it antlers sticking out from each side.  With this great opportunity to pull back, I pulled back.

He cut out to the right of the tree and followed a deer trail.  He walked 15 yards in front of me perfectly broadside.  I kept thinking “Should I wait a little longer?,” but I finally decided to shoot.  I put my pin behind his shoulder and shot.  My arrow seemed to fly in slow motion.  It penetrated his hide and continued until it passed completely through him.  He ran off and started bleeding instantly.  I seemed to flinch back a little.  My arrow entered him about 4-5 inches back from the shoulder line.  It came out about where the guts start.  At approximately 1:30 pm I imediately took out my cell phone and called my brother.  “Josh!  I got the big one!,” I cried into the phone.  “Seriously?!!?” he replied, “we will be there in a second.  Well, he wasn’t joking, it took him, Tyler, and Cody about 2 minutes to get in the car, drive a block, and run 1/4 mile out to where I was.

I can just remember the moment where they came into sight.  We looked around and saw heavy blood.  We didn’t find my arrow, so we couldn’t quite see how I hit him.  We waited 20 minutes and tracked him.  We tracked that soon out of pure excitement and we regret it.  We kicked him up 3 times and tracked him for a mile.  We finally gave it a rest and let the deer rest for an hour and 1/2.  We went back out when my dad arrived and we found it in about 10 minutes.  It was dead in a big pine tree woods.  You could look under them and see the deer.  I got the news and ran to the location.  It was the happiest moment ever.  We tagged him and gut him out.  We brought the truck up the trail and put the buck in.

I got to brag to everyone at school and a lot of students and teachers were jealous.  This story just shows, that if you never give up and are patient (luck had a lot to do with it too, but what hunt doesn’t have luck?), you will make your experiences that much more exciting.  The buck was the same one Tyler and Josh and I saw.  It was a eight point with a little kicker at the base.  It had a 16 inch inside spread and weighed about 210# field dressed.  I hope every one has an experience like that. And remember  NEVER GIVE UP!


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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