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New York Salmon Fishing Trip

My Good buddy and fellow Pro Staffer Dennis Brauchle and I escaped to New York this weekend for a couple of days of fishing out of Oswego, New York.  We stayed in Pulaski, New York at the Famous Fish On Motel.  I was the newbie on this trip that Dennis and friends have made for the last several years.  Dennis and friends Chris Brauchle(Brother), David and George and I took off out of Allentown, PA at about 5am on Friday Morning and we arrived at the Fish On Motel at about 10:30 after picking up our 7 day fishing licenses at Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop.  I also got a really great new set of polarized sunglasses and off we went.

Lunch was a make it yourself affair and with two coolers filled with the prerequisites for a great fishing trip, Food, Water, Soda and plenty of beer.  We met Captain Mike Fiumano, Kim and Scotty at the boat before noon and we started fishing about 2 miles out of the harbor.  The sun was out and the water was like glass and the fish were few and far apart but the fish we did get were of some substantial size.  We fished until dark and boated 4 great fish and 3 break offs in the evening.  The fish stayed deep and when we hooked them they were deep and far from the boat leading to a long battle.

Saturday we were up early and at it again from 5am until 2pm and the weather was a bit better and our first fish at 28 pounds was our biggest fish of the day.  My turn was next and I boated a 25 lb salmon and I was happy to take pictures the rest of the day knowing I had some great salmon filets on ice.

If your in the New York or Pennsylvania area I recommend a trip with the crew from the Fish On Motel.  Mike Bender knows how to get on the fish and I will definitely be back to fish with him again.

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