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Pf adds New Chapter in Minot North Dakota

20080909_pfsquarelogoMinot, ND – January 18, 2010 – Residents from Minot, North Dakota, have formed the state’s newest chapter of Pheasants Forever. Known as the Northern Plains Ringnecks Chapter of Pheasants Forever, the group formed with the purpose of improving wildlife habitat in Ward County.

The Northern Plains Ringnecks are notable for their strong ties to the Minot Air Force Base and the makeup of the chapter. All but one of the new chapter leaders is in their mid-twenties, including Patrick McAfee, the chapter’s president from the Air Force Base.

“Many current members of this chapter are in the Air Force. We’re starting to build ties between our chapter, the air base community and local businesses in Minot to improve wildlife habitat and leave a lasting impression on the area,” said Patrick McAfee, “Although we may be stationed somewhere else in the future, forming a Pheasants Forever chapter will help us build a legacy that will always be here.”

Pheasants Forever gives local chapters control of their locally-raised funds. This local control allows members to see the fruits of their chapter efforts in their own communities, while belonging to a national organization that voices an opinion on federal conservation policy in Washington D.C.

The Northern Plains Ringnecks have named Minot residents Charles Eifert as treasurer, Erik Holmstrom as habitat chair and Missy Fale as youth/education chair. The chapter’s next meeting is 7PM on Tuesday, January 19th at the Pizza Ranch in Minot. All interested parties, as well as members of the media, are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact the chapter via email at or Patrick McAfee at 360.631.0097.

North Dakota Pheasants Forever’s 2009 Wildlife Habitat Work
North Dakota’s 28 Pheasants Forever chapters and 2,300 Pheasants Forever members completed 902 cover & food wildlife habitat projects in 2009, benefitting wildlife on 4,510 acres. Since 1982, Pheasants Forever has completed 4,783 wildlife habitat projects in North Dakota, benefitting wildlife on 46,839 acres.

Want more pheasants in North Dakota? Join the cause by contacting Jesse Beckers at 701.202.8120 and

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