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Product Gear Review – Little Sure Shot

Sometimes the simplest item can make the difference in the success or failure of your hunt.  The Little Sure Shot is just such a simple item and it is absolutely genius.  This product is based on the simple wisdom that a hunter is going to be more accurate if he has a really steady rest.  Whether your in the stand or on the ground having a rest for your gun is essential to making a clean accurate shot.  The statistics show that a hunter with an accurate rest increases his ability to make an accurate shot by over 50%.

The Little Sure Shot was developed in 2005 and has earned a reputation as the world’s smallest, most versatile gun rest.  At only six inches long and weighing in at four ounces the Little Sure Shot quickly attaches to any walking staf or a sitck found in the woods with the twist of a knob in order to create a sturdy Monopod.  Whether you are turkey hunting, shotgunning, muzzleloading and or rifle hunting this tool is effective and easy to use.

The Little Sure Shot offers a foam-rubber padded resting area to stabilize the users forearm or allows the rifle to rest directly on the foam-rubber without damaging the rifle.  The Little Sure Shot is available throughout the United States but the best place to pick one of these great little tools is at:

The product was named in honor of the legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley who was called Little Sure Shot by her friends. It is made in the USA and retails for about $19.95. The company also offers rugged 59-inch hickory walking sticks, The Companion Hickory Stick™.

What is not to like about a product that costs $19.95 and fits in your pocket and will aid you in increasing your accuracy by 50%?

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