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QDMA Receives Grant from NFWF to Study CWD Management

20090331_QDMAlogoBogart, Ga. – The Quality Deer Management Association recently received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to support the Effects of Deer Population Structure and Dispersal on Disease Mitigation Efforts West Virginia project.

The project is a joint effort between QDMA, Dr. Randy DeYoung of Texas A&M University in Kingsville, and Dr. Jim Crum of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. The data for the study will be collected from deer tissue samples in Hampshire County, West Virginia, and evaluated by Dr. DeYoung and graduate students at the University who will perform DNA analysis. QDMA will administer the grant and serve as the liaison between the researchers and the NFWF.

The genetic study will acquire information on deer population structure and movements. The researchers will assess population structure and spatial scale of deer populations, as well as the role that habitat and landscape features play in animal movements and dispersal.

The project will run through October 17, 2011. Once completed, the results will be of direct use to state, provincial, and federal wildlife agencies dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease management efforts.

“We are excited to be part of this important research,” said Kip Adams, Director of Education & Outreach in the northern United States. “Disease management is one of the most pressing issues facing whitetails today, and this project will enhance our understanding of the complex interactions among deer populations as they relate to disease transmission.”

About QDMA

Founded in 1988, QDMA is a national nonprofit wildlife conservation organization with 50,000 members in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Membership in QDMA is open to anyone interested in better deer and better deer hunting, and committed to ethical hunting, sound deer management and the preservation of the deer-hunting heritage. To learn more about QDMA and why it is the future of deer hunting, call (800) 209-DEER [(800) 209-3337 or log on to

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