The wise, old doe caught me off guard as I was half asleep. Cautiously feeding in my food plot, she would occasionally pop her head up to take a look around. With wind chill temps well below zero, I was thankful for the chance to swivel silently without any frosty, crunchy sounds. Easily coming to full draw without her any the wiser, she dipped her head down for another bite of frosty turnip greens. I lined up my top pin behind her shoulder. The arrow buried itself in her boiler room, I relaxed again in my chair, thankful for the chance to harvest a last-second doe before the season closed for the year.

I first started using the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair in my Redneck Hay Bale Blind, but have since realized that the uses for the hunting chair are limitless. My personal favorite use for the chair besides hunting in the blind is ice fishing, followed by using it in the bushes when I’m shooting at puddle ducks, and lounging around camp.

I like the chair for several reasons. First and foremost, it is important to sit still when hunting, and this chair is so comfortable, I’ve found myself half asleep in it from time to time. I also appreciate the ability to swivel silently, making awkward off guard shots easy. I also value that the cloth cushion covers can be removed for a scent free round in the laundry machine. Easily collapsible, the seat slings across my back and is hardly noticeable. While the chair weighs only 16 pounds, the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair can withstand the most well fed hunters (up to 350 pounds)! With several height adjustment options, the chair sits flat on any surface, or reclines when your eyelids get heavy.

I personally own two of the Redneck chairs. We keep one in a blind through each season, and one stays with me in the truck for situations when I’m out on an adventure, trying a new setup. I’d recommend the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair for any hunting situation. It could also make a great gift for someone who likes to hunt in silent comfort. But be warned! It is pretty comfortable; I can’t guarantee you’ll stay awake.

If you want to get a Redneck Portable Hunting Chair and try it out for yourself, you can use the discount code, JH2017 for a special price of $79.99 and free shipping, good until December 31, 2017.





Designed specifically for hunting

  • 180 degree silent swivel seat
  •  LQS Technology (light, quiet, strong)
  • 3 independent height adjustable legs allow for un-level ground
  • Self-leveling feet
  • Collapses in seconds for carrying
  • Black powder coated steel frame
  • High density foam seat and back rest
  • Heavy duty nylon carry strap
  • Removable, washable seat covers
  • Height adjustable seat: 18 inches – 20 inches
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • Weight capacity: 350lb


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