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Renewable Resources Foundation and Coalition

Renewable Resources Foundation

I found these two sites by doing a bit of clicking around the web and getting some great little newsletters into my email box.  These sites look to be all about some great people making a difference in our world.

What is the Renewable Resources Coalition?

The RRC is an Alaskan non-profit 501 c (6) corporation founded by Alaskans with a diverse membership including commercial fishermen, natives, lodge owners, and many others. The mission of the Renewable Resources Coalition is to preserve and protect the ongoing viability of Alaska’s abundant fishing and hunting resources and the lands and waters they need to survive.

This is a great site and a great concept worth checking out. Go to Renewable Resources Coalition.

Also worth checking out is Renewable Resources Foundation.

Both are linked together and both provide some great resources worth looking into.

Members of the coalition make the following pledge:

Yes, I want to help ensure that our waters stay clean, our game have good lands to roam, and that our hunting and fishing resources remain strong, healthy and renewable. I join the Renewable Resources Coalition in opposition to the development of any major mining operations in the Bristol Bay Watershed.

I’m not up to date about the causes that they are working on, but protecting Bristol Bay and the watershed seems like a pretty important issue.  I am inviting them to contribute information and news to our team and we hope they will keep us well informed of what is going on in their world of Alaska.  We hope you visit their site and if these issues are important to you, contribute to their cause.

Here are 4 blogs that talk about the issues in Bristol Bay and the Pebble Bay issues.

Blogs True Wilderness

The Field

Stop Pebble Mine

Stop Pebble Mine myspace page

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