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Retractable Tool Tether

Retractable Tool TetherThe AGC Enterprises Retractable Tool Tether has been in our hands since early archery season and I have used it on most of our hunts.  I was sent out several of these by Andy Gorman of AGC Enterprises to test out and play with and heck they worked so well that I basically forgot about my promise to actually review them which is kind of embarrassing to be honest but I don’t often think about gear that works well and quickly becomes a part my pack set up.

The Retractable Tool Tether is a simple Key Loop Tether that retracts on a line so I use them with our GPS, my small camera and most importantly my rangefinder when I am in the stand or stalking.  The units that I use are the heavy duty versions of this product and AGC offers some great options, colors and all of them are at a price point that makes them incredibly reasonable to have as a part of your pack system.  With our Leupold Rangefinder, I just attached the Retractable Tool Tether to the rangefinder and attached it to our pack.  I know I am not going to lose my rangefinder and that it is secure and attached to my pack.  When I use the rangefinder, I just like to drop it and know that it is going to retract back to the side of the pack and I can tuck it into the pocket when I am done or ready.

I have used tool tethers in the past but these are just slightly more heavy duty then everything I have seen in the marketplace.  Get yours at www.retractabletooltether.com.



Kevin Paulson

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