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The Ultimate Sportsman by Trevor Simmons

While attending the Greater Virginia Big game and Sport Show I got the chance to meet one extordinary fellow sportsman. This man was Mr. Gary Arrington and boy if he’s not what the sport of hunting and conservation is all about I don’t know who is. As a NWTF Region Director,   special projects manager for hunters for the hungry, and devoted family man Gary does it all. From chasing toms and bucks to moderating turkey calling contest you can find him hanging around.

Gary did not just fall into all this responsibility right off the bat it took years of hard work and determination. After 14 years as a Conservation Game Warden and years of being in the woods he has acquired years of experience which shows in every word as he speaks about the outdoors. As a member of the QDMA, NRA, NWTF, and hunters for the hungry, Gary is constantly on the go to help promote these wonderful groups. His passion for hunting is equally matched with his passion for God and through all the works he does for this great sport he keeps God the center of it all.

He thanks his dad most for the opportunity to hunt. Though he said his biggest influence came from Bob Kerride who took him on his first hunting trip and taught him how to hunt. Now, Gary is giving back what he can in return for all he has been blessed with. He said kids are the future of hunting and “The greatest feather in the hat for hunting.” He would love to see more kids grow in the outdoors as well as Hunters for the Hungry so we can keep providing for people for years to come. With kids as our future hunters he wants to educate them on how much their donations will help people in need.

He hopes to continue to contribute to the outdoors as long as he can. His love for the sport is what makes him drive harder to keep it alive. I now look up to Gary as he is an inspiration me about what this sport is really about. I hope our paths cross again soon so that I might get to learn more about what this man is doing to keep our sport alive.


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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