Travel JohnI was impressed with the packaging of the TravelJohn! It came in a camo box marketed for hunters or any other outdoor enthusiast. Each unit is tightly wrapped plastic and will fit anywhere, from a pocket, backpack, car glove box, or purse.

These disposable, reusable urinals are green, a definite plus over the white ones also on the website. The only disadvantage Is that online the white bags have instructions and a gauge for how full it is. I realize printing on dark green is difficult, so I’ll see when I use it how the volume is. My plan was to use these during moose hunting in Canada in September and deer hunting in North Carolina in October.

I am happy to report that these work as advertised!  Without getting too descriptive, they fit well with no leaks.  I was able to relive myself when needed in a quiet, discrete way without a sprinkle on my shoes or pants.  The external wrapping allowed me to ‘zip’ it shut to prevent leaks as I carried it or put it in my backpack – used.

Although it was a bit weird having a ‘pee’ bag half full in my backpack, I could use it a second time when I was out in the tree stand for a long period of time.  The LIQSORB® gel really does work, so you don’t have a bag of liquid to deal with. There were times when it was a little slow to gel and I almost had an overflow, but in a few minutes it was absorbed.

Bottom line, I would recommend this product, especially for women, and would buy again!