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TruckVault Xtreme Hunts

It’s the bottom of the ninth and there are two outs. The bases are juiced with home team runners but they are down 3. The visiting pitcher stares down the rookie hitter who has now dug in, sizing him up for any sign of weakness and then to his catcher to get the sign. With a single bead of sweat perched and glistening ready to roll down the side of his face he grimaces and squints, then nods his approval, as he comes set and checks the runners. He is calm and cool, poised and ready to deliver the pitch confidently just as he has done thousands of times before….

For the past 18 months the TruckVault team has been working tirelessly to conceptualize, develop, and finally bring to life our inaugural entry into the outdoor programming market. With award winning Orion Multimedia at the production helm and popular host Mark Kayser leading the way, TruckVault’s Xtreme Hunts is poised and ready to take it’s shot at the “big leagues” as one of the newest members in a very potent outdoor programming lineup on the Versus network.
Sponsored by outdoor manufacturing and product giants: ARB, Nikon, Smith & Wesson, Mathews and Winchester Ammunition, a true team effort has brought TruckVault’s Xtreme Hunts from it’s initial conception to the outdoor art form it is today…an exciting blend of both reality and extreme hunting.

In TruckVault’s world “Xtreme” may be defined in a number of ways… it could be a grueling backpack trek to reach deep-woods elk, or lying for hours in a foot of snow waiting for geese to settle into decoys, or even sweating it out while pursuing pronghorns in a prickly-pear infested prairie. Tune in as our cameras follow host Mark Kayser, an average family man, undertaking the quest of extreme hunting as he drives to out of the way hunt locations across North America. Regardless of the hunt, you’ll see Xtreme Hunting, Xtreme Conditions and Xtreme Terrain aspects from large to small. Go to for more details.

…As the pitcher starts his drive towards home (with two outs) the runners are all in motion. Even the skeptical fans now stand in unison in anticipation of a big play at the plate, an extra base hit, or even heaven forbid the final out. The ball releases from the pitcher’s hand and hurtles toward the plate where the rookie, calm, cool, collected, awaits its arrival. He has done this thousands of times before too but never on this big of a stage. The years of hard work and preparation have paid off…he has done his homework. The resulting smash hit brings whatever seated fans that remained to their feet. As the ball arcs over the left-center field wall the home team dugout empties and the celebration on the field, in the stands and out in the street carries long into the night.

Here’s to TruckVault’s Xtreme Hunts being a home run in the outdoor programming world!


Al Chandler, CEO
TruckVault, Inc.

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Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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