Trump Administration Opens the Watershed of the Boundary Waters to Copper-nickel mining

On Thursday, September 6th, Trump Administration officials cancelled the application for a mineral withdrawal that would have protected Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness from a proposed copper mining upstream of the Wilderness. This comes after 2017 Congressional testimony where Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue committed to completing the study, saying “I’m not smart enough to know what to do without the facts base and the sound science and we are absolutely allowing that to proceed… So we are determined to proceed in that effort and let it run its course. No decision will be made prior to the conclusion of that.” The administration is going back on their word, and instead of protecting iconic American landscapes, they are bowing to special interests.

The Boundary Waters is America’s most visited Wilderness, a world-class fishing and hunting destination and a major economic driver for Northern Minnesota. The study would have analyzed the threats and costs to the community posed by sulfide-ore copper mining on the edge of the wilderness. Over 125,000 comments have already been submitted throughout the review, with over 121,000 (98%) advocating for protection of the Boundary Waters from foreign corporate mining interests.

“The Trump Administration’s decision to open up Minnesota’s public lands and waters is a clear sellout of American public land to foreign corporate interests. We are shocked at this administration’s blatant disregard for the future of the Boundary Waters and our sporting heritage in Minnesota,” said Lukas Leaf, Executive Director of Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters. “Hunters, anglers and the majority of Minnesotans have spoken. The Boundary Waters is too important to risk with this type of mining, and the Trump Administration isn’t listening.”

Boundary Waters Trout
These are the kinds of Boundary Waters Trout that need to be protected.

Yesterday’s decision flies in the face of strong evidence that sulfide-ore copper mining would have an overwhelmingly negative impact on the land, water and economy of Northeastern Minnesota.

Our public lands are not for sale. Despite this decision, the fight is not over. We will challenge this decision every step of the way.

Take action now by telling your elected officials that the Boundary Waters are too important to risk here.

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