One of the most popular educational publications produced by Whitetails Unlimited is the Deer Hunters Guidelines booklet, which has just been updated and reprinted in time for the 2009 deer season.

This 8-page booklet includes basic information about the white-tailed deer, hunting tips and techniques, and firearms safety. “It is a great resource for beginning hunters,” said Jeff Davis, Whitetails Unlimited’s manager of communications, “but it is also useful for refreshing the memories of experienced hunters.” Davis points out that just because you are an experienced hunter, does not mean you should quit learning, or paying attention to the basics of hunting and firearms safety.

The booklet was printed in a recent edition of Whitetails Unlimited Magazine, which is delivered to every member of Whitetails Unlimited. Individual copies of the booklet are available at no charge by contacting WTU national headquarters at (920) 743-6777. Larger quantities are available at a very reasonable cost.

The booklet is also available on the Whitetails Unlimited website ( as a PDF file that can be downloaded.

“This is one of our most popular publications, and in the past has been distributed in all 50 states,” said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl. “Nahan Printing in St. Cloud, Minnesota, was very generous in sponsoring this publication, which includes updated text and new photos.”