Victory Archery Introduces New-for-2017 VAP TKO Elite Arrow

Victory Archery Introduces New-for-2017 VAP TKO Elite Arrow

World’s Most Advanced Carbon Arrow with Industry-Leading Straightness Tolerances

vic Just when you thought arrow technology couldn’t get any more refined, Victory Archery® takes its 100-percent carbon arrow shaft designs to a whole new level. The company is proud to announce it has added the VAP TKO Elite model to its recently launched line of VAP Low Torque arrows, now offering the innovative shaft in an industry-leading straightness rating of +-.0001. In addition to the newly added Elite offering, Victory has also incorporated dynamic new arrow graphics to the entire VAP TKO series, perfectly complementing the arrow’s killer performance in the field.

vic1Victory’s VAP TKO arrow combines a 100-percent carbon micro-diameter shaft with a new ground-breaking manufacturing process the company calls MaxxKe™ Technology. The result: an arrow that delivers tighter tolerances alongside the strength and penetration bowhunters demand. Victory’s MaxxKe Technology is derived from a unique 45-degree carbon weave, which reduces the twisting force imparted on the arrow during launch. When the force of the twist is reduced, the shaft of the arrow does not experience as much trauma, which allows for superior arrow flight and increased accuracy.

Hunters will be most impressed with the penetration this arrow will afford on big game. One main reason the increased level of penetration is exceptional comes from the small internal diameter arrow, which measures a remarkable .166 inches (ID). The smaller the surface of the arrow shaft, the more penetration you can expect. The smaller diameter also decreases the potential for wind drift during arrow flight.

Also helping with penetration and delivering increased kinetic energy and Front-of-Center (FOC) is the addition of the aluminum Shok™ inserts, which come standard with all VAP TKO arrows. The Shok inserts are made of a high strength 7075 hard-anodized aluminum and weigh in at 35 grains. However, if hunters want increased EFOC (Extreme Front of Center), 303 stainless steel Shok inserts weighing 95 grains are also available.

When building the VAP TKO, Victory makes sure the stiffest part of the spine is identified and aligned with the index vane. Once the arrow is fletched, broadhead-tipped arrows experience less planing during flight, which means accuracy is increased. So, Victory has not only put together the most technologically advanced shaft on the planet, but also added a great amount of thought when putting the components together to deliver the ultimate in arrow performance for bowhunters.

Because of the incredible speed and penetration this arrow offers, Victory designed the VAP TKO with its Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating, which not only further assists with the arrow’s superior penetration on game animals, but also allows for easy removal from a foam target during practice sessions.

The newly added Victory VAP TKO Elite arrow features an industry-leading straightness tolerance of +-.0001, while the Victory VAP TKO Gamer features a straightness of +- .003 and the VAP TKO Sport a straightness of +-0.006.

Victory Archery has been a pioneer in developing the most technologically advanced arrows on the market with its full line of the world’s finest 100% carbon fiber arrows. With a team of engineers comprised of aerospace and composite material veterans, the company is more than an arrow company. Victory continually researches potential physical and chemical compounds in order to consistently bring leading edge products to market, first. While other companies are repainting old arrow designs, Victory Archery offers real innovation implementing proprietary computer aided design and exclusive carbon fiber materials technology having resulted in a number of design and process patents.

Victory Archery offers a wide variety of products for both hunting and target shooters of all ages. For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

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