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Vote on Virginia Gun Show Bill Delayed, Could Come Tomorrow


Today’s vote on Senate Bill 1257 was delayed once again.  The bill could be voted on by the full Senate as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, February 3.  Thanks to your dedicated action and calls, gun-grabbing advocates are scrambling to find votes for SB1257.

SB1257 would impose sweeping restrictions on our Second Amendment rights and set the stage for a ban on all private firearm sales in Virginia.  Senate Bill 1257 would require that all firearms transactions taking place at gun shows be subjected to background checks, even those occurring between family and friends. Any violations would be a felony and could result in the loss of your gun rights.

If passed, this bill will set the stage for a ban on all private firearms sales in Virginia that don’t go through a dealer, as gun ban advocates will no doubt call for a ban on private sales as well.

The bill would also require gun show promoters to register anyone wishing to sell a firearm at a gun show, including private citizens, as a “vendor”.  Gun show promoters would be required to maintain that registry for four years following the date of the gun show and transmit the name and address of any “vendors” (anyone selling a firearm) to law enforcement. The names and addresses of those selling a firearm at a gun show would be available to the public.

YOUR CALLS ARE WORKING!  It is imperative that you immediately contact your State Senator at their Richmond office at (804) 698-7410 or (804) 698-1470 and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 1257.  More contact information for your State Senator can be found by clicking here.

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