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Walls Work Pant Review
Walls Ditch Digger Pants and the Thurber Vintage Plaid Shirt

These Walls Pants are the perfect balance between quality, style, and comfort.

When I get a good pair of pants, I tend to wear them for a couple of days and really get a feel for them.  The Walls “Ditch Digger” pants came in on Friday, and I threw them on Saturday morning.  With frigid temperatures, I wanted to throw on some comfortable pants to wear all weekend around the house, running errands, hauling wood in for the fire, and breaking down some of the icicles off the gutters. 

The pants are duck cotton and as comfortable as you can get.  The Smooth Move Waistband moves with your waist which is what makes these pants so incredibly comfortable.  The gusseted crotch, the articulated knees, the kick plate on the bottom of the leg he, and the cell phone pocket all work together to make an outstanding pair of pants that retails under $45.00.  No matter what I was doing, whether it was reaching up to break off icicles or bending down and hauling in loads of wood, these pants handled whatever I could throw at them all weekend.

The “Ditch Digger” pants come in three colors (Bark Brown, Graphite, and Pecan) and are coated with a strong water repellent that helps resist stains.  The double knee in the pants and the double and triple stitching throughout these pants show that Walls means business when it comes to durability.  These are the kinds of pants that I would put my company name on.

I will be buying several more pairs of these pants because I know they will hold up as well or better than pants I have paid twice as much to own.  Walls makes work wear for all sorts of jobs: coveralls, overalls, flame resistant, high visibility. They also offer clothing for big and tall and for hunting.

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