What the heck is a Wiivv? I still have not figured out the name but what I do know is that the custom insoles I had them produce for me are OUTSTANDING. It was a little bit luck and a little bit of networking that I had the opportunity to connect with Steven Jaffe on Hubba. We started talking and he told me about his company Wiivv and the Wiivv custom insoles they produced. I kicked off my Merrill Shiver Mocs, pulled out the insole and looked at it.  It was beat to death after a pretty long year of use.


I downloaded the Wiivv app from the app store and started playing around. I got out a sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper from my printer and then I stood on the paper and took some photos of my feet bare. The photos allowed the team at Wiivv to measure my feet and determine the arch of my feet.  I downloaded the four photos and chose my colors. With a quick input of a promo code he gave me I received 25% off my order. Within the week, my new insoles arrived at my house.  Dropping them into my old Merrills seemed kind of sad but they fit perfectly.


Wiivv Custom Insoles

My Personal Wiivv Custom Insoles

I have been using these insoles now for about three weeks and I have happy feet.  I just ordered a brand new set of Merrills just like my old pair (I am a creature of habit). I dropped the Wiivv custom insoles into the new shoes and I look forward to wearing them the next 3 weeks straight during show season at ATA, SHOT Show and the SCI Hunter’s Convention.


My insoles are customized: I have my name on them and I chose the design.  They look really great but honestly, I care more about how great my feet feel and these things are made specifically for my feet. I tested these out while hunting in my Muck Boots and they held up just as well in my hunting boots as they did in my everyday walking shoes.
I asked Steven a few quick questions about Wiivv.


Q: How did you come up with the idea of the customized insoles produced by Wiivv?

A: Wiivv’s co-founder Louis-victor Jadavji played sports in high school and university, and after a knee injury he was left with foot issues. When he met Wiivv’s other co-founder, Shamil Hargovan, they got together to find a better orthotic to help with his foot pain. With their experiences in 3D printing they realized that new technology could change the industry and offer a truly mass-customized solution, at an affordable price. Since late 2014 Wiivv has been a leader in the custom footwear space, including having one of the most successful 3D printed product projects on KickStarter.


Q: What makes these insoles great for hunters and outdoorsmen/women?

A: The full-length insole is designed to replace your boot’s insert, and provide the necessary biomechanical support to keep you going all day long. Wiivv insoles have a durable nylon shell which offers both rigidity and flexibility targeted to the needed areas of your foot. The heel pad improves comfort and provides relief from various problems, while the deep heel cup promotes healthy alignment and optimizes stability. Wiivv’s custom arch is the foundation that our insole is based on and it’s this custom arch that helps to reduce plantar fasciitis pain, joint discomfort, and general foot fatigue. The top layer is made from high-performance foam, and features a moisture wicking polyester.


We hit up Wiivv pretty hard so that we could get all of our readers and fans an opportunity to try these custom insoles out as well with a 25% coupon code. Use the Promo Code HuntingLife17 and make your feet happy with Wiivv and blow your friends away when they look in your kicks and see your name custom imprinted in your shoes. These are great in hunting camp when everyone’s boots are the same, you can easily see which pair are yours.